Learn Arabic language online

Learning Arabic online by Skype has never been so easy! First of all, Al-dirassa center is the only institute that provides online Arabic courses suitable to your timetable. Futhermore, our teachers are native Arabic speakers. As a result, they deliver online course of classical and professionnal Arabic. Learn Arabic language has never been so easy. We also provides Egyptian arabic dialect courses.

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Quran memorization

Learning the Quran online is also one of the priorities of al-dirassa center. futhermore, our teachers teach the reciting rules (Tajweed) and the memorization of the Holy Quran (Hifz). Most noteworphy, all our  graduated teachers  with Ijaazah in reciting and teaching Quran guarantee the teaching quality.

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Study Islam online

Studying Islam is now available online through Skype. In addition, we propose the best books to study Islamic sciences gradually. As a result, Al-dirassa center help you to improve your understanding of Islam. Therefore, you may choose the various subjects of Islamic sciences. Study Islam with our Azhar graduated professors.

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Learn Arabic language quickly


learn arabic language onlineFirst of all, our online teaching center will provide you with courses to learn Classical Arabic language, Koranic Arabic language and Arabic language for business.

We prepare you for professional situations. Also, al-dirassa center offers you the possibility to learn Egyptian Arabic. All the Arabic world speaks and understand this dialect.

Al-dirassa center provides also courses for children. Our qualified teachers are 100% native Arabic speakers teach online to children. They provide an Arabic language online course for non-arabic speaking children, Islamic education and Quran courses.

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Learn Quran with certified professors


memorize the Quran onlineAlso, our professors –  have the authority – ijazah – to teach Quran online by video interaction with students. Thus, they will help you to put in practice what you have memorized.  Al-dirassa center enhances your confidence during your learning and recitation.

Therefore, our Quran lessons will give you the possibility to strengthen your understanding of the Holy Quran. Indeed, by learning the rules of recitation (Tajweed), both theory and in practice, your recitation and memorization of the Quran (Hifz) will improve insha Allah. Al-dirassa center propose you to finalize your memorization, by obtaining an official permission (Ijazah) by the shaykh which confirm your learning process. Finally, we can also help you to learn and understand the Koranic vocabulary.

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Study Islam and learn Islamic


study Islam onlineIn addition, al-dirassa offer to his students to study the Islamic sciences. Indeed, the Islamic religion courses are accessible for any student who has a basic level in Arabic language. Therefore, our Islamic books have been developed by the best Islamic universities in the world and will allow you to learn Arabic language together with the religion of Islam.

As a result, the studied subjects are various and can be selected according to your need. Thus, we propose to study different topics such as faith, the law (fiqh) or the Islamic history.

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