Learning literal arabic online using Skype

Learning Arabic online by skype has never been so easy! First of all, Al-dirassa centre is the only institute that provides online Arabic courses suitable to your timetable. Futhermore, our teachers are native Arabic seakers. As a result, they deliver online course of classical and professionnal Arabic.

Our programs to learn online Arabic

Learning online the Quran by Skype

Learning the Quran online is also one of the priorities of al-dirassa centre. futhermore, our teachers teach the psalmody rules (Tajweed) and the memorization of the Holy Quran (Hifz). Most noteworphy, all our teachers are graduated with Ijaaza in recitiong and teaching Quran.

Our programs to learn online Quran

Studying Islam online through Skype

Learning Islam is now available online through Skype. In addition, we propose the best books to study Islamic sciences gradually. As a result, Al-dirassa centre help you to improve your understanding of Islam. Therefore, you may choose the various subjects of Islamic sciences.

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Al-dirassa centre provides also :

free books to download to learn arabic

Al-dirassa center proposes free books to study namely: the Books of Medina the famous methodology to learn Arabic and the Islam. You can study these books with our Arabic teachers.

Discover our books to learn Arabic

Books to learn Arabic
Virtual arabic keyboard

Al-dirassa center proposes for you a virtual Arabic keyboard for free. You can learn to write in Arabic. It could be useful during your lessons with your teachers.

Use our Arabic virtual keyboard

Arabic virtual keyboard
Sponsor your relatives

Once you become a student in al-dirassa center and you wish that your relatives start to learn Arabic, Islam and Quran online. By sponsoring your relatives, you allow them to benefit 5% off for all our courses.

Discover how to sponsor a relative

Sponsor your relatives