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The best programs to learn Arabic language with Online Arabic Tutors

The official language of over 20 countries with a population of approximately 300 million native speakers, Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and the 5th most commonly spoken language all over the world. Learn Arabic language online, it is the language in which the Holy Quran was revealed and in which Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) spoke.

Allah has protected the Arabic language from undergoing any drastic changes during the last fourteen centuries, a period that is sufficient for a language to change drastically or become dead. In addition, the Arab-Islamic civilization contributed a great deal to the advancement of science, medicine, philosophy, mathematics, and architecture.

A knowledge of Arabic language enables you to explore this vast body of knowledge in its original language. Moreover, with the growing importance of the Middle East, those who learn Arabic language can find careers in the fields of: journalism, business, education, translation, and many others. Al-dirassa Center therefore introduce a comprehensive syllabus to learn the Arabic language by our best Arabic tutor online.

Arabic tutors for learning Arabic online

Firstly, our online Arabic tutors open you the access to learn Arabic alphabet by learning how to write and spell all Arabic letters. Then, you will become step by step independent in reading and writing. You would be able to write words and sentences in Arabic language but you would not understand their meaning.

Arabic Tutors Online

The aim of these 12 online Arabic language levels is to teach the student: vocabulary, grammatical rules, conjugation and spelling. Thus, the 12 levels allow the student to get a complete independence in Arabic language.

Furthermore, at the end of this program to learn Arabic language with our online Arabic tutors, the student will develop different skills. Thus, he will be able to read books or listen and understand an Islamic lecture, or a conversation inshAllah. 

Moreover, he will be able to integrate Islamic studies, or to learn Arabic language deeper at university with native arabic speakers. Among the integral methods to learn Arabic language online include:

 Al Arabiya bayna Yadayk

Firstly, al-dirassa center proposes to learn Arabic language online by using the most popular book: al arabiya bayna yadaik. These series of books to learn Arabic language (provided in PDF format to the student) offers a collection of various contents. This program helps to develop skills of reading, listening and speaking Arabic language.

As a result, these series are especially developed around the Islamic and Arabic culture. Consequently, al arabiya bayna yadaik offers a progressive methodology of learning Arabic language online for beginner, intermediary and advanced levels. Take the opportunity to study Arabic online easily with our tutors.

Madina university

Secondly, the Madinah Arabic books to learn Arabic language online have proven its efficiency since decades. Indeed, it gives the possibility to learn Arabic language as an introduction to the Islamic sciences for the nonnative arabic speakers. Therefore, it is designed for the students who wish to join the Islamic university of Medina in Saudi Arabia.

Likewise, the Madinah method offers the possibility to learn Arabic language, Fiqh, creed (Aqedah), Tajweed, life of the companions etc. Do not hesitate to ask our professors about this classical Arabic language method. You can download for free all books on our website. You can also study Arabic language with the books of Umm al Qura university, you can download them here. We recommend your to study these programs with our best Arabic tutors online.

Kitab al Asasi

Thirdly, kitab al asasi is one of the best methods to study Arabic language for the non-arabic speakers. In fact, this method is evolutionary and gives access to the basis and fundamentals of the Arabic language. As a result, it is taught at the Islamic university of Umm al-Qura in Saudi Arabia. In addition, al-dirassa center offers to all it's students to download kitab al asasi for studying Arabic language for free on our website.

The Individual program to study Arabic online is built in accordance to the student and his Arabic tutor agreement. Indeed, this program proposes to study different subjects as the grammar (nahw), the conjugation (Sarf), the expression (al balagha) etc. As a result, our online Arabic tutors teaches via the best books to learn Arabic of learning Arabic language including : al ajrumiya, alfiya ibn Malik, Nahwu al Wadih and more.


Our online Arabic tutors give you the opportunity to learn the Arabic grammar fundamentals (nahw). Thus, we offer the possibility to study firstly An-nahwu al Kafi.

Secondly, we attempt to strengthen the level of the student in Arabic grammar by studying the following books: Al-Ajurumiya, Moutammima Al-Ajrumiya, Qatr An-Nada, Shudhur adh-Dhahab, Mulhatu Al-Irab or Alfiya ibn Malik.


Our online Arabic tutors give you the opportunity to study Arabic conjugation basis (Sarf) by studying the book firstly,as Sarf al Kafi.

Secondly, we propose to develop your level of Arabic conjugation by studying the following books: At-Tatbiq As-Sarfi, Shadha Al Arf fi Fan As-Sarf, Matn Al-Bina, Matn At-Tasrif, Nazhm Al-Maqsud or Lamiya Al-Afâl.


Our online Arabic tutors will help you to study Arabic rhetoric fundamentals (balagha) by studying firstly the book: al balagha al Wadiha. At a future date then, we propose to develop your level of Arabic rhetoric by studying the following books: Nazhm Uqud Al-Juman, Nazhm Al-Jawhar Al-Maknunn Nazhm Miat Al-Maani.