General terms of sales and general terms of use

Article 1: Purpose

Al-dirassa company, as owner and legal representative of al-dirassa, offers services available for a charge, the objective of which is to learn arabic language and sciences of the Holy Koran (hereinafter referred to as the « Services ») on its Website, accessible at (hereinafter referred to as the « Website »). Internet users (hereinafter referred to as the « Customers ») can obtain arabic or Quranic lessons online (hereinafter referred to as the « Content »).

The Customer’s consulting, downloading, or using Content will imply that the Customer fully and unreservedly accepts these general terms of sale and use. They may be consulted on the Website. al-dirassa will reserve the option of changing the Services and general terms of sale at any time.

Article 2 : Terms of access to and use of Content

Services offered by al-dirassa are strictly intended for people over 18. For the underage, they must be represented by their legal tutor.

In order to access these Services, the Customer will have to go to the Website where he/she will be prompted to fill in a registration form, stating the following information: name, user name, password, town, country, e-mail address and phone number.

In order to receive Contents ordered, the Customer will have to ensure that:

The recipient’s mobile phone or touchpad is on, that it is located in an coverage area, and that it has sufficient memory,

The recipient’s mobile phone or touchpad is compatible with the Content selected.

So, even with a subscription providing an unlimited access to Contents, the Customer may not request repayment of all or any part of the price of his/her purchase or subscription.

This means that the customer only is responsible for selecting Contents which he/she wants to receive and may not make any claim if he/she orders Contents which appear to be incompatible with its will

Article 3 : Commercial Offers

The various offers to sell Services are submitted in detail on the Website.

They may either consist in:

An offer for « act-based sale » : the Customer buys a specific Content

The maximum term of a subscription is six months.

The Customer is also fully aware that he/she will have a license valid for a limited period of time , on Contents ordered based on the commercial offer selected and on the relevant content. In either case, the Customer will always have to adhere to the provisions of Article 6: « Intellectual Property ».

Article 4 : Price – Invoicing

Prices applicable are mentioned on the Website and are expressed in the local currency inclusive of taxes.

Services will be charged for on the basis of prices applicable when the act-based purchase was made or when a subscription was taken out. When a subscription is renewed, new prices existing on such date will automatically apply.

Any change brought to the legal VAT rate applicable will systematically be applied to the price charged.

The price will be payable by the Customer depending on one of the modes of payment suggested on the Website when the purchase is made or when the subscription is taken out.


Article 5 : Withdrawal

Under the terms of Article L.121-20-2, French consumer protection law, the consumer’s exercise of a withdrawal right within 7 days following a sale or service delivered via a distance communication technique as provided by Article L.121-16, French consumer protection law, will not be applicable if the order started being processed before the end of the withdrawal period.

Article 6 : Intellectual Property

All Contents offered on the Website are protected by copyrights and intellectual property rights, without limitation. Please note that the Koran is not sold by the Website, that it belongs to humanity and pertains to the public domain. Interactive methods and data processing methods only are currently protected.

The license granted to the customer to download any Content does not confer upon said Customer any title to such content. The Customer is authorised to use any Content for a strictly personal use.

The Customer is formally forbidden to copy, change, use for a purpose which was not intended, duplicate, represent, transfer or distribute the content of the al-dirassa Website in any way whatsoever, otherwise, the Customer may be subject to legal proceedings.

The Customer is aware that any non-authorised use represents an infringement of copyright and is punished by the provisions of the French law on Intellectual Property.

Article 7 : Liability

Al-dirassa will exercise its best efforts to make the Website accessible continuously. However, al-dirassa reserves the possibility, for reasons of maintenance, to suspend momentarily, without notice, access to the Website and the customer may not claim any compensation whatsoever.

Also, al-dirassa may not be held liable in case of:

improper use of the Services by the Customer (in particular in case of error when filling in the recipient’s mobile phone number), or incompatibility between the Content ordered and recipient’s mobile phone number,

temporary dysfunctions, Website interruptions, delays, absence or poor delivery of the Content for reasons for which al-dirassa is not responsible, in particular as a result of a fault in telecommunications networks,

damages (including, without limitation, contamination by a virus due to the malicious intrusion of a third party) which may affect the Customer’s equipment.

Article 8 : Personal data

After signing in on the Website, Customers may receive news or special offers from al-dirassa.

Pursuant to the law dated 6 January 1978 as amended by the law dated 6 August 2004, Customers have the right to access, correct, change or delete personal data and they may exercise this right by getting in touch with the contact defined in Article 09.

Article 09 : Contact

For any question or claim, please contact:

Article 10 : Law applicable and jurisdiction

These general terms of sale and use are governed by the laws of France.

All disputes relating to commercial relations between al-dirassa, represented by Al-dirassa, and the Customer will be referred to the Courts of France, which will have sole jurisdiction.