Ijaza of the Holy Quran : obtain your offical certificate

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Ijaza of the Holy Quran

: Obtain your offical certificate

Al-dirassa center offers you the possibility to obtain an Ijaza. Thus, al-dirassa center adresses this offer  to all students who have memorized all the Quran with our professors. It is the highest level that the student can achieve.

Definition of the chain, of transmission – sanad

As a result, al ijaza is a permission to teach the Holy Quran. Thus, only a professor who has himself obtained it with an authentic chain of transmission can give it. Furthermore, this chain (sanad) continues from the Prophet Muhammad– peace be upon Him – to the Ijaza owner. Arabic language calls the official permission to teach the Holy Quran  Ijazah.

Aims of the Quran training

  • Firstly: to obtain an ijaza of the holy Quran. The student can obtain this certifcation only by the recitation of the complete Quran to one or several of our qualified professors. In short, it is a certificate of authenticity.
  • Secondly: al-dirassa center adresses this certifcate only to the advanced students. They have to master the rules of Tajweed before beginning the recitation of the Quran.
  • Thirdly: al-dirassa center will send an official certificate signed by the center and the teacher himself. Thus, this certificate will allow the student to be recognized for teaching the Quran in mosques, Islamic centers or Islamic universities.

Competences of the teachers

Indeed, our qualified teachers of Quran have themselves this permission – ijaza. It is the certification that their recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran is correct, according to the rules of Hafs an Asim.  Thus, the ijaza gives them the permission to teach it.