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Importance to seeking knowledge in Islam


The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:" He for whom Allah willing good, facilitates the learning of religion "[Al-Bukhaari].

The Hafiz and linguist Muhammad Mourtada Az-Zabeedi in said: "Listening to profitable science for his religion, for his life here and his hereafter, rewards more than to perform supererogatory prayers. "

Indeed, it was reported that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "Assisting in an assembly of the science of religion is better that accomplishes one thousand rakaa of overnight prayers."

Thus, the science of religion allows knowing what Allah has ordained and what was forbidden and obligatory. Every responsible person has to learn about the belief, the purification, the prayer, the pilgrimage , etc.

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: "Seeking the science of religion is an obligation for every Muslim" [Al-Bayhaqi].


You are currently studying Islam and you would like to acquire more knowledge about your religion?


Learn Islam by Skype for the non-arabic speakers


First of all, Al-dirassa center offers the possibility to learn Islam online by Skype the non-arabic speakers. Thus, we propose to study from the books of the Medina University.  In fact, these books will help the student to learn Arabic language and the religion of Islam,some main topics include:faith, creed, Fiqh or biography of the Prophet peace be upon him etc.

Studying Islam for the arabic speakers


Thus, Al-dirassa center gives the possibility to learn Islam by Skype for the Arabic speakers. Our courses are based on Islamic universities syllabus.

Thus, the goal of these courses are to dispense to the students a clear comprehension of the Islamic faith according to the Quran and Sunnah. Thus, our lessons are taught by professors graduated from al Azhar university in Egypt.

Likewise, the courses are academically structured, offering an access to a program covering important topics. As a result, we can also teach classical books such as at Tahawiya, or Madaarij As Saalikeen.

Our curriculum to study Islamic sciences online:

The creed - Aqueeda

  • Introduction to the creed
  • The pillars of the faith
  • The names and attributes of Allah
  • The purification of the soul

Islamic jurisprudence - Fiqh

  • The history of the Islamic legislation
  • purification and the prayer
  • The fast
  • The pilgrimage
  • The Fiqh of family
  • Study of the fundamental of the Islamic legislation
  • Study of the goals of the Islamic legislation

Science of the hadith

  • Terminology of the hadith
  • Study the 40 hadiths compiled by Imam An Nawawee

Islamic history

  • Seerah – biography of the Prophet peace be upon him
  • The history the 4 caliphs