Baha Ali Fadl

Country : Egypt

Education :

  • Bachelor of Arabic Language .General Dep.Al-Azhar University.
  • Year of graduation: 2005
  • General evaluation: Good
  •  Ijazah in reading the holy Qur’an  with the recitation of Hafs and Asim


  • teaching the holy Qur’an  with the recitation of Hafs an Asim since 2013

Ammar Ahmed Abd El-azeem 


  • License of osol el deen , Department of tafseer, Azhar University, Egypt 2012


  • Quran, Arabic tutor and Imam since 2011
  • Imam; The Egyptian Ministry of endowments -Awqaf- from 2014 to now.

Mohamed Salih


  • Licenses of Arabic studies and Islamic sciences (Dar Aleloom).fayoum university. 2011/2012
  • Courses in:

a- Teaching arabic for foreigners

b- Al- jurrumiyah

c- Qater alnada


Mahmoud Ezzat Kaoud

Nationality : Egyptian


  • Bachelor of Arts Department of Arabic Language.
  • Diploma in Education … Arabic language skills course
  • Permission  :  permission to teach hadith sciences

Experience :

  • Work since 2011 in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

Teaching the following books:

  1. Arabic in your hands
  2. The basic book
  3. Books Medina
  4. Books Imam Mohammed bin Saud University
  5. The Book of Agromy
  6. The Book of the Complementary to the Agrium
  7. The book of the literal application of Al –Rajhi
  8. Explanation of the roots of gold to Ibn Hisham
  9. Book of grammar lessons
  10. Teaching the Quran in Tajweed


Mohamed Fawzi Abdel Azez

Country:  Egypt

Qualifications and education:

  • Study at the At Taqwa Center for Qira’at Learning (Qur’anic Reading)
  • Study in Circles With in Al Rahaman Mosque – Learning Islamic Science (2012)

University studies:

  • Al Azhar University in Cairo – Study of the Holy Qur’an and
  • Islamic Sciences


2 ijazat in reading Hafs and Chu’ba after Asim

Ijaza in reading Abu Omar al Dawri and al Harith after Al Kasai

Ijaza in reading Hicham and ibn Zikwan after ibn Amer

Ijaza in reading al Waraq and Idris after Khalaf

Ijaza in reading ‘al Bazzi and Quanbal after ibn Kathir

readings mastered without Ijazat:

Warch and Qualoune reading after Nafi

ibn Jamaz and ibn Wirdane reading after Abu Jaafar



  • Teacher of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Sciences in various mosques and schools in Egypt


Mohamed Moussa

Country:  Egypt


  • BA in Arabic language
  • general diploma in education
  • diploma in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
  • master’s degree in grammar and morphology


  • teacher of Arabic for more than four years


Ahmed Hamdy Mohamed

Qualification :

  • Bachelor of Dar Al Uloom College
  • Educational Diploma from Al Azhar university



  • I worked in this area for almost two and a half years