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al-dirassa center: Arabic, Quran & Islam online

About us ?

Specialist of e-learning

Your online school

Al-dirassa center (markaz ad-dirassa in Arabic) is an institute specialized in the online tuition of theliteral Arabic language, the memorization and the recitation of the Holy Quran as well as the Islamic sciences by distance courses via Skype.

Our goal

The goal of al-dirassa online center is to help you in your path of the understanding and the learning of the Book and the religion of Allah the Almighty. To learn Arabic, Islam and Quran is a necessity, which we propose to relieve.

Personalized courses

All our courses are individuals and personalized. In one hand, this means that your lesson is exclusively provided between you and your teacher. In the other hand, the taught content is adapted to your real level and allows you to word in your own pace. Of course, all our courses of Arabic, Islam and Quran are sex-segregated.

Learn Arabic easily online

  • Graduated teachers from the highest university of Cairo in Egypt who have many years of experience in the teaching of Arabic, Islam and Quran online to the foreign students.
  • Arabic, Islam and Quran courses for all levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Courses of Tajweed rules – the psalmody of the Holy Quran.
  • Courses  of Hifz – the memorization of the Holy Quran.
  • Courses of Islamic education. Discover our programs

Al-dirassa center is the opportunity

  • To train yourself when you want 24h/24, 5 days / week, from Sunday to Thursday, wherever you are, to enjoy our e-learning plateform (courses, online books, quizz…)
  • The online courses delivered by al-dirassa center are accessible for all : adults and children from seven years old.
  • Our online courses are oriented to the teaching of the arabic language, the islamic sciences and the Holy Quran adapted for the non arabic speakers.
  • To benefit from discounts : during Ramadan and the celebration of the Eid, for the converts and to sponsor your relatives.