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Arabic alphabet free course



This series of free Arabic language courses aim to make you learn the Arabic alphabet online in just a few lessons. Learning the Arabic alphabet online is easy thanks to Allah and then to our series of 8 lessons available for free online. The lessons are text and audio based.


Learning any language needs a step by step guide. The very first stage for learning any language is nothing but Alphabets. Alphabets are the base of every language which makes you able to read, write, and understand a particular language. If you don’t know how to write the letters, then it is almost impossible to write the words, it is as simple as that. Arabic is a language that requires a bit extra attention to learn and as usual, it also starts with learning Alphabets.


What if we get to learn these alphabets for free and that too in a very interactive way, great deal, isn’t it? Al-dirassa center is here with an online course for the Easy Arabic alphabet which is absolutely free for all age groups.


This course is a must for every beginner who wishes to learn and speak Arabic as the results of this course are really impressive. It has been recorded that, after completing the sessions of this free course, an individual will be able to read and write all the alphabets and single words in Arabic. There are customized lesson plans for learners which are available in both text and audio format. It is the best platform to Learn Arabic Alphabet Online, so Register Now!


Course conditions


Arabic alphabet free course series is intended for all English speakers, beginners with no prior knowledge of the Arabic language.

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Arabic alphabet free lessons list

arabic alphabet introduction

Arabic alphabet |Free Arabic course | Lesson 1

Are you passionate about learning new languages? Are you planning to learn the Arabic Alphabet? You just made the right and important decision in your life to learn how to write the Arabic Alphabet. You are going to be astonished at how quickly you’ll learn and grab the pace. The Arabic language is quite easy despite being perceived as one of the world’s most difficult languages. Learning Arabic alphabets and writing can differ, unlike the Latin alphabet, those being used by English speakers. It is read and written from right to left, and it has 28 letters with many special characters and vowels used according to the word. This is a tricky language, and you need to learn each aspect carefully here. Here in this guide, we have tried to make it simpler for you. Just check out the details below.
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short vowel marks

Short vowels marks | Arabic alphabet course | lesson 2

We have studied in the previous lesson how to spell the letters of the Arabic alphabet. Thus, this second lesson for learning the Arabic alphabet will discuss a new kind
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double vowel marks in arabic

What is tanween in arabic | The double vowel marks | lesson 3

Introduction In the previous lesson to learn Arabic, we come across a second type of vowel used to vocalize consonants. We have previously seen the short vowels of the Arabic
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long vowel marks in arabic

The long vowel marks | Arabic Free course | lesson 4

Introduction In this 4th lesson to learn the Arabic alphabet for free, we will see that the Arabic language words use long vowel marks. We have previously seen short vowels
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the sukoon in Arabic

Sukoon | Arabic Free course | lesson 5

Introduction Welcome to our 5th lesson of the Arabic free course. Previously we already studied the letters of the Arabic alphabet, short vowel marks, tanween, and long vowel marks. In
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the shaddah in Arabic

The Shaddah | Arabic Free course | lesson 6

We previously studied in our series of alphabet arabic free courses:   the letters of the Arabic alphabet short vowel marks the tanween long vowel marks the Sukoon We will
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Arabic alphabet joined form

Joined form of Arabic letters | Arabic Free course | lesson 7

Introduction In this 7th lesson, we will see the joined form of Arabic letters to learn the Arabic alphabet. In the previous lesson, we saw the letters of the Arabic
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Arabic reading practice

Arabic reading practice | Arabic course | lesson 8

Introduction In this 8th lesson to learn Arabic, we will practice arabic with all the concepts seen previously to Arabic reading practice. To recap the points we studied: Presentation of
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Arabic For Beginners for FREE


free arabic book

Al-dirassa Institute offers you a gift to help you begin your journey to being fluent in Arabic and learning the Quran.

Arabic For Beginners for FREE


free arabic book

Al-dirassa Institute offers you a gift to help you begin your journey to being fluent in Arabic and learning the Quran.