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learn arabic online free

This series of free Arabic online courses aim to make you learn Arabic language’s main rules online free  in a few lessons!

Learning the Arabic language rules is easy thanks to Allah and then to our series of free online arabic classes. 

Free Arabic lessons are text and audio based.


Get free Online Courses to Learn Arabic online free

It is always said that the alphabets and words are the base of every language. Only learning the alphabet or words can never help you to speak a language.

Though you will be able to read a single word but to speak a complete sentence, everything is required, including grammar, conjunctions, verbs, and whatnot.

Al-dirassa Institute is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the Arabic language across the world. Hence, we have free online courses to learn the basic rules of the Arabic language. 

We have lesson plans designed by the experts which are easy to understand and available in both text and audio. You can easily learn these rules even if you do not know the Arabic language, you should only be able to read the Arabic texts, and you can learn from our free Arabic alphabet course.

Al-dirassa institute is a one-stop solution for all Arabic learners as we have a series of books that need to learn advanced Arabic. With Dirassa, you can study Arabic online for free, which is an opportunity for many of us. There are many online Arabic language classes, but the only dirassa offers free online arabic classes, making us stand out.

Arabic online Course conditions

The courses to learn Arabic online free , language rules are intended for any English speaker, a beginner with no prior knowledge of the Arabic language.

arabic language course online free with certificate

Learn arabic language course online free with al-dirassa center for free with qualified instractors .

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In addition to the free Arabic lessons, we offer you free lesson with an Egyptian Arabic teacher.

Learn Arabic Online Free

The word in Arabic
The word in Arabic | الْكَلِمَةُ
The word – اَلْكَلِمَةُ A word is a unit of spoken or written language.   Example: WordTranslationكِتَابa book WordTranslationعَلِمَhe knew WordTranslationكَتَبَhe wrote kinds of words – أَنْوَاعُ الْكَلِمَةِ   There
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The noun in Arabic
The noun in Arabic | الاِسْمُ
Introduction     The nouns اَلْإِسْمُ are divided into two kinds:     النَّكِرَةُ – Indefinite     المَعْرِفَةُ – definite      Indefinite nouns – أَسْمَاءُ النَّكِرَةُ    
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the dual in Arabic
The dual in Arabic | الْمُثَنَّى
Introduction     In English, there is only singular and plural. However, there are three numbers in Arabic, Singular, plural, and dual.     المُفْرَدُ Singular       الْمُثَتَّى
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The plural in arabic
The plural in Arabic | الْجَمْعُ
Introduction   There are two types of plurals in Arabic:     Sound plural – اَلْجَمْعُ السَّالِمُ       Broken plural: اَلْجَمْعُ الْمُكَسَّرُ   The sound Plural – اَلْجَمْعُ
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the pronouns in Arabic
Pronouns in Arabic | الضَّمَائِرُ
Introduction   Pronouns are used as a substitute for a noun like he, her, his, her, their, them, I, etc.   There are basically two types of pronouns:   Attached
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Prepositions | الْحُرُوفُ الجَرِّ
Introduction   Words that combine with a noun or pronoun to form a phrase are called prepositions.   They have a meaning of their own and affect nouns and pronouns.
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adverbs of time and place in arabic
Adverbs of time and place | ظَرْفُ الزَّمَنِ و المَكَانِ
Introduction to adverbs   Some words have the same effect on the nouns and pronouns as the prepositions, although they are not prepositions. These kinds of words are used as
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demonstrative pronouns
Demonstrative pronouns in arabic | اِسْمُ الْإِشارَةِ
Introduction to the arabic demonstrative pronouns   Words that are used to point at something are known as   Demonstrative pronouns – اِسْمُ الْإِشارَةِ   For example:   هَذَا كِتَابٌ
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relative pronouns in arabic
Relative pronouns | اِسْمُ الْمَوْصُول
Introduction to the relative pronouns   Relative pronouns relate to or depend on the word before or after them. They indicate a particular thing but do not make complete sense.Masculine
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the interrogative pronouns in Arabic
Interrogative pronouns | اِسْمُ الإِسْتِفْهِامِ
Introduction to the interrogative pronouns – اِسْمُ الإِسْتِفْهِامِ   Words used at the beginning of the sentence to ask a question are called interrogative pronouns in Arabic.     What 
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Arabic For Beginners for FREE


free arabic book

Al-dirassa Institute offers you a gift to help you begin your journey to being fluent in Arabic and learning the Quran.

Arabic For Beginners for FREE


free arabic book

Al-dirassa Institute offers you a gift to help you begin your journey to being fluent in Arabic and learning the Quran.