Free Arabic online course

Free online course to learn Arabic

This series of free Arabic online courses aim to make you learn the Arabic language's main rules in a few lessons. Learning the Arabic language rules is easy thanks to Allah and then to our series of lessons available for free online. Free Arabic lessons are text and audio based.

It is always said that the alphabets and words are the base of every language, only learning the alphabets or words can never help you to speak a language. Though you will be able to read a single word but to speak a complete sentence, everything is required including grammar, conjunctions, verbs, and whatnot.

Get Free Online Courses to Learn Arabic

Al-dirassa center is dedicated to spreading the knowledge of the Arabic language across the world and hence, we have free online courses to learn the basic rules of the Arabic language. We have lesson plans designed by the experts which are easy to understand and available in both text and audio. You can easily learn these rules even if you have no knowledge of the Arabic language, you should only have the ability to read the Arabic texts and that can learn from our free Arabic alphabet course.

Al-dirassa center is a one-stop solution for all the Arabic learners as we also have a series of books that need to learn advanced Arabic. With Dirassa, you can learn Arabic online free which is an opportunity for many of us. There are many online Arabic language classes, but the only dirassa offers free learning which makes us stand out among all. So, join our community now and learn Arabic with us.

Arabic online Course conditions

The courses to learn the Arabic language rules are intended for any English speaker, a beginner with no prior knowledge of the Arabic language.


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