Benefits of Reciting Surah Yaseen

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Benefits of Reciting Surah Yaseen

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Quran is the best wonder, and it is a gift of Allah that He the Almighty has presented to humanity. In the Holy Quran, you can discover answers to all the existing issues in the world and replies to every one of the inquiries that a man sees and examines it impartially.

It conveys various scholarly, social, well and rules identified with each part of his life for someone who is non-adherent, be that as it may, for any devotee it comes with more prominent guarantees.

Also, other than the regular content of the Holy Quran, You will find unique and Reverend parts contrasted with others. One of the many parts of the Holy Quran is Yaseen Surah. Surah Yaseen is a great surah and is considered one of the best ones from the Quran. There are many benefits of reciting this Surah.

Surah Yaseen is considered as the heart of the Holy Quran

Surely everything has a heart, and the heart of the Quran is Yaseen. I would love that it be in the heart of every person of my people. (Tafsir-al- Sabuni)

This hadith clearly states that Surah Yaseen is said to be the heart of the Quran. It shows that important Surah Yaseen is for the Quran.

Rewards of Reciting Surah Yaseen

It is said that if you recite Surah Yaseen one time, you will get rewards of reciting the Holy Quran ten times. So as a muslim, the reward matters to us a lot, and this is why you should try memorizing this surah.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: Whoever recites Yaseen once, Allah will record the reward of reciting the Quran ten times.” (Tirmidhi)


Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once stated: Indeed in the Noble Quran there is a Surah, for its reading will intercede and will be a means of forgiveness for the listener. Listen carefully; it is Surah Yaseen, in the Torah, it is called Muimmah.

He (SAW) was enquired then: O’ Messenger of Allah, what is Muimmah?

To which He (SAW) answered: It contains for its reader the benefits of this world, it removes from him the dread of the next life, and it is called Dafiah and Qadhiyah.

Then again He (SAW) was asked: How is this Surah Dafiah and Qadiyah?

So then He (SAW) answered: It takes away from its reader all afflictions and fulfills his need. Whoever recites it, it will be made equal to twenty pilgrimages. Whoever shall listen to it, it will be as thousand dinars, which he has given as charity in the path of Allah. And whoever shall write it and then drink it, it will enter into his heart a thousand cures, a thousand radiant lights, a thousand times more increase in belief, a thousand mercies, a thousand blessings, a thousand times more increase in guidance, and will remove from him all gall and disease.”  (Tirmidhi)

Surah Yaseen for the forgiveness

When we take a closer look at this surah, you will find this written in many places where it says that this surah is beneficial for the forgiveness of sins of a person.

Whoever recites Surah Yaseen at night seeking the pleasure of Allah, that night he will be forgiven. (Abu Nuaym)

 Surah Yaseen in death

Allah’s Prophet (SAW) stated: Recite Yaseen on those who are dying. (Dawud)

This hadith states the fact that when a person is on the verge of death, the only thing that he needs is comfort and that can be provided to him by reciting Surah Yaseen.

So it is, without any, doubt, very beneficial to recite.

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