Best Way to Learn Basic Level Arabic in a month

If you are a traveler or want to know the world and its offerings, then language has to be one of them because language is one of the most difficult things to get used to. You will be shocked to know that there are over 6500 languages spoken in the whole world, and even if you go on to learn plenty of them, it is for sure that you won’t be perfect enough at any of the learned languages besides for your mother tongue. So, if you are planning to learn the Arabic language, then here are a few factors you need to consider while you learn a particular language. Discover the best way to learn basic level Arabic in a month.



1. Learn some fundamental aspects



Spoken and written Arabic is different in many ways. Thus, you don’t have to confuse the two. The press, media, and publications make use of the modern standard Arabic. There is also classic Arabic, which is used in the Quran. As a beginner, you should not make efforts to master all aspects of the Arabic language. It will be a tedious process, and you will have to work hard for many years to achieve this objective. You can focus on learning modern Arabic to meet your immediate objectives.



2. Create a basic understanding of vocabulary



If you want to learn Arabic fast, you need to learn basic daily words. This approach assists you in creating a better understanding of the conversation. You can start with a common word like Ahlan wa sahlan Bika and Marhaban. The first one means welcome, and the second one stands for hello. Reputed online schools always follow a systematic method of approach to make the learning process enjoyable and effective.



3. Focus on learning the alphabet



If you want to learn a basic language fast and efficiently, you should learn the alphabet. The Arabic language is not different. Without understanding the origin, how can you speak Arabic? The important thing is that Arabic is written from right to left. Some websites put forward simple techniques to memorize the singular alphabet. You can come across audio pronunciation guides that teach you how to pronounce each letter correctly. It is also vital to know that vowels are not written in this language. In fact, symbols known as fathas represent Arabic.



4. Never undermine the importance of vocabulary sheet creation



Arabic is basically not an easy language to learn. However, if you follow the right method, you can learn this language fast. Memorizing the Arabic vocabulary is one of the best ways to maximize online Arabic learning efforts.  One good way to do this is to write thematic lists of vocabulary words on flashcards or worksheets. It is always advisable to start writing the word on the card front and the translation on the back to memorizing easily. The most beneficial thing is that flashcards don’t consume a lot of space. They are highly portable and carry them wherever you go. As you keep using flashcards or worksheets, you can group the words you learn based on nature, genre, theme, and meaning. The Arabic language utilizes the roots that represent the word meaning. Thus, you can predict the meaning of Arabic words easier compared to other languages like English.



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5. Read basic Arabic books



Reading books helps people learn the language faster because there are certain words that you will be pronouncing while you read, and eventually, you can perfect your reading skills of the language. Also, if you tend to listen to Arabic cultural songs, then there are higher chances that you can develop an accent and speak profoundly.


6. Speak basic Arabic even if you are pronouncing wrong or making grammatical errors


People often are afraid of being embarrassed while they speak a foreign language which they are learning because it is obvious that they will make mistakes. At this time, if you are learning, then you shouldn’t step back. Rather, it would help if you frequently spoke and with confidence, but you can make your speaking skills good with practice. Your errors can also be resolved by the person opposite to you, so; you also need to accept and work on it.


If you live in a locality where Arabic is often spoken, it will help you get free guidance over speaking Arabic. So, next time you go on to visit your Arabic neighbor, then do try to have a proper conversation in Arabic.



7. Take professional guidance to be it online or offline



Seeking professional guidance is one of the best decisions because they are well acquainted with the other certain language you are good at, whether English or French. Hence, they can guide you by acknowledging every single letter of the Arabic language and conducting certain tests because how could you acknowledge yourself without testing yourself.


It would be best if you were careful about this aspect. The attitude of the instructors is very critical. First of all, they need to be knowledgeable and experienced professionals. It would be best if you got convincing clarifications for all your doubts. Top online schools assign teachers who are disciplined and dedicated to delivering an enjoyable learning experience for students. Inexperienced and lazy instructors can easily misguide you. The learning process becomes a disappointing experience in such a situation. Best online centers appoint graduated teachers from renowned universities with several years of experience in Arabic teaching online.


You have to focus on all these vital aspects to maximize online Arabic learning efforts effectively. Renowned and reliable online schools offer different courses, including Arabic, Islam, and Quran programs, to meet different people’s varying needs ranging from beginner to advanced levels. You can expect high-quality education from reputed centers. They also focus on making their courses extremely affordable to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.


learn and speak in arabic


8. Choose an online course that offers personalized training



It is a very critical aspect. When it comes to choosing an Arabic online course, you need one that provides personalized attention. As the lesson is exclusively offered between the student and teacher, you can clarify your doubts and progress faster with improved focus. The learning methods are adapted to the unique level of each student. You can study at your own pace. Each exercise is tailored to assist you in learning and reviewing vocabulary in the most effective way.


9. Listening to basic Arabic language


For the Arabic language online, as the pronunciations are different, first hear the tutorials on how they pronounce. Listening is an important factor in learning quickly.


10. Learning the basics


It would be best if you learned the basics of the Arabic language first. Also, Learning Arabic is an essential skill in today’s complicated world.


11. Vary your resources


Vary your resources to learn Arabic is not an easy task, and there is no single way to guarantee that the expertise will be achieved. So it is crucial to refer to various resources to make sure that you broaden the experience of learning.


12. Paying attention to details


All pronunciations, intonations, and caesuras used by Prophet Muhammad must be used effectively while reciting the Holy Quran in Arabic. Thus pay attention to the way it is recited.


13. Practice


As it is a new subject, practicing is an essential part of learning else you will forget.


14. Consistency


Arabic is not entirely a simple thing to learn. Hence consistency is important. Every day you have to provide some amount of time in learning the basic Arabic language. Gaps can be a bad choice. Following the class consistently will give you results in a short period.


15. Try to pronounce yourself


It is important that you hear and utter the words and see how you can utter the word. Start with small words, understand the meaning, and then slowly move onto sentences.


16. Write


Write After the online course, make sure you write the basic vocabulary or alphabets, try to write the words, and then the entire sentence. Reading and writing fast-forwards your learning experience and makes it a smooth journey.


17. Try audio tapes for learning


Audiotapes are available online. You can also look for tapes that can be downloaded to listen to the audio when you are free or traveling.


18. Common mistakes are made by students of the Arabic language



Not having a tutor


Whereas there are languages that a person can learn through self-study, Arabic is not one. Arabic learners’ huge mistake is they trust that they can learn Arabic independently and utilize it in the future. Sadly, self-study is a useless way because of Arabic’s difficult pronunciation. You will require a capable teacher who can show you the right path and develop fluency in Arabic.



Not understanding the basic difference between spoken Arabic and classical Arabic.


Dissimilar to languages like – German and French, you are basically learning one than a single language whenever you learn Arabic. Spoken Arabic is used when interacting with someone. Classical Arabic is the written form of the Arabic language and is hardly ever used in daily routine. Understanding the difference is the chief element in learning the language successfully.



learn with funNot practicing daily



The thing that makes learning Arabic so difficult for students is its pronunciation. Many Arabic words require a throaty (back of the throat) way to pronounce the words. This appears as a challenge to many Arabic students because Latin-focused languages hardly ever use throat in such a way. To excel in the Arabic language, a student has to give a minimum of 15 minutes daily practicing the language. Through practice, a person’s throat and tongue become familiarized with the correct pronunciation. Obviously, finding a person (probably a native speaker of Arabic) who can help you with correct pronunciation and help you get better at it.



Not taking Arabic differently.



Many of the students take Arabic similarly to take the other easy languages like – Spanish or French. They look forward to growing at the same percentage as the other languages, but they wind up in failure, getting unhappy, or, much worse, they stop learning Arabic. Taking Arabic carefully, understanding that it may take a long time to excel in it compared to other languages, and first of all, be kind and tolerant with you. Deciding to learn a new and completely different language makes you a champion already.


Not having an end goal.



Not determining an end goal when you begin learning Arabic can damage the learning procedure, as you will finish up bouncing from one place to another instead of concentrating on one point. If your goal is achieving fluency, then focus on spoken and classical Arabic. Still, you want o to learn Arabic for religious or academic purposes; then you should focus on classical Arabic.


12. Love for the Arabic Language


The last Rule for learning Quranic Arabic language online is having a love for the language.



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