Learning Arabic
“The language Allah chose is the Arabic language. He sent his precious book (the Quran) written in Arabic, the language of the last prophet. For this reason, it is the duty of everyone to learn Arabic.” Reading the Quran is the pillar of Islamic culture. Hence, it is vital for every Muslim to know how
Practice Arabic
Many people are learning Arabic to increase their chances of securing a rewarding job in the Arab-speaking countries. You can also find people who want to learn the Arabic culture, Islamic tradition, and Quran. Arabic is the official language of more than 20 countries in the world. If you search for the most popular languages
Learning a Second Language
Considering the tough competition in the job market nowadays, possessing some additional skill is always considered as a great advantage. Knowing a second language is one such benefit that sets your resume apart from the rest. Research says that bilingualism i.e. speaking two languages can improve your job life in many ways. Here, are some
7 interesting ways to learn Arabic
Do you want to learn Arabic? It is one of the powerful languages, which allows people to discover new opportunities. Learning Arabic will not only help you in exploring better career opportunities, but it will also help you in getting the best results in historical research as well. When it comes to learning the Arabic
Effective Tools for Arabic Learning
People learning or want to learn Arabic are likely to ask themselves what the best ways to learn Arabic are. And the answer to this question is simple “the best tool to learn Arabic is the one you would use the most”. You could be looking for the different ways and tools available as per
Arabic textbooks
Textbooks are very important while learning the language such as Arabic that involves strange writing system. The introduction of new diction and syntax one basically have to learn how to read again and again. Being considered very tough to learn Arabic having a comprehensive Arabic textbook that makes the language break apart into the pieces
Interesting Facts about the Arabic Language
Planning to learn Arabic anytime soon? Learning a new language can become one hard nut to crack if not done in the right manner. Developing interest for it plays a crucial role in the whole process. As the resources are now easily available online, learning has become easier but this isn’t enough if the interest
Learning A Foreign Language
Learning a new language doesn’t mean just simply being able to speak and understand the basic terms of that language. But, instead of understanding the culture and broadening the ability to understand that particular outlook. Many language learners just focus on learning the words as it is. If you wish to be fully worldly aware
Quran Online courses
There are so many people who want to join Quran courses for so many reasons and they may be wondering what courses are good. Well, this guide is all about offering your information about these useful courses, check out the details below: Hifz – Quran Memorization Online: This course is available online and proves helpful
Arabic Alphabets

10 reasons to learn Arabic

Arabic language is spoken specially in the Middle East and Arabic countries.  It has nothing common to English or any other language, so it would be tricky for beginners to learn it. Yes, we can say that it is a difficult language to learn. But learning this language could get you many benefits. The benefits
Learning Arabic alphabets and writing can be very different unlike the Latin alphabet those being used by English speakers. It is read and written from right to left and it has 28 letters with many of special characters and vowel which are used according to word. This is a tricky language and you need to

Learn How To Pray In Arabic

Praying offers several benefits to your mind and soul. The psychological benefits of prayer are huge. You can reduce the stress levels and get a positive outlook on your life by praying. The religion of Islam insists on praying in Arabic. You may think that offering Salah in your mother tongue is easier. But, reciting