Confronting your problems

Allah created this life and made it filled with challenges. Allah has promised us, that this Dunya, as it’s called Dunya, which is something lower, will never be perfect for anyone. It will not go smooth all the time for anyone. No matter how old or young you are. No matter how rich or poor you are. Healthy or sick. A good doer or an evildoer. Righteous or not. Every one of us will have his share or her share of challenges and difficulties that they will go through. Allah says:


How to prepare spiritually Ramadan

Only a few days are remaining before the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan. Allah SWT says in the Quran:

O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous “(2-183)

In this article, I would propose to see 3 steps on how to develop our self spiritually for the coming month of Ramadan.


Giving thanks and being grateful to Allah

In Islam, the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon us cannot be even counted. As Allah said in the Quran:

And if you would count the graces of Allah, never could you be able to count them. Truly! Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (16:18)


The specificity of the revelation

Revelation is a heavenly unknown that only Allah holds. It is a secret from the Secrets of Allah that He inspires it to His servants. It is, therefore, a divine miracle by which Allah privileges His Prophets and His Messengers. This is a truth that has absolutely nothing to do with hypnotizing, or recording voices on tape, or transmitting them over phones or laptops. It is also a different and distinct truth from inspiration (ilhâm) or truthful dream (ru’yâ sâdiqah), which occurs to humans who are not Prophets, or anything else that can happen to humans.


The forms of the revelation

In one verse, the noble Qur’an has indicated three forms that revelation can take.