Easy and useful steps to follow for learning Quran

Many of you must be knowing that the Quran is said to be one of the most influential texts. Also, it is an Islamic holy book that provides Muslims with a source of faith as well as knowledge. It revolves around subjects like worship, faith, wisdom and a lot more. Besides, this book also guides and motivates in creating a fair economic and social system.

This is the reason that many people are motivated to learn and understand the meaning associated with the Quran. People who aren’t well aware of the language find it difficult to learn. Thus, we have got some tips that you can follow in order to make your understanding and learning of the Quran easy.

1. Focus on studying basic grammar.

You will surely come across many people who will suggest you spend a lot of your time studying Arabic grammar in order to understand the beautiful meaning of the Quran. But, the fact that many people forget to tell is that you can learn basic grammar and bring various Arabic sentences together meaningfully. You won’t require an English translation instead it is suggested to go for a focused study of a few hours. You can find various books and resources that will help you get just the correct information to get started and you are good to go by studying through those resources on your own.

2. Study Arabic to English.

If your ultimate goal is to understand the meaning that the Quran conveys then you can surely save a lot of your time by using this amazingly effective rule. This will eliminate all the extra efforts that are not associated with the goal you wish to fulfill of understanding the message of the Quran. Therefore, you just need to learn the vocabulary and regularly do the exercises like translating an Arabic sentence into English. Doing so will help you to get a nice hold of the language and make it better with regular practice.

3. Focus upon learning the vocabulary that’s actually in the Quran

This is a very important point as it surely makes a huge difference. If you follow it you can for sure save a lot of your effort along with the time of doing personal study. So, the point is to stick to the words that are actually used in the Quran. This can be done by making your vocabulary list derived directly from the Quran itself. Also, so many resources are available nowadays, find one that has a vocabulary list used in the Quran.

4. Using your textbook.

Many western Muslims are already aware of a lot more Arabic terms than any other person. Having a basic idea through a textbook is always good to start the learning process. People usually know about the content of prayer used or have an idea of what all the Quran includes. This is a useful point for those who aren’t aware at all with all such points. Thus, read some basic books and not those that have a lot of information as it might end up confusing you.

All these above points will help you learn Quran in a smarter manner. Also, when it comes to learning a new language type then a smart study approach is something that helps to grasp the maximum in less time. Just studying a book and making the process lengthy must be avoided. Find out the ways in which your learning can be boosted. Now, you can make the Quran learning fun and effective process with online classes. Going for reputed online classes like al-dirassa is a great idea.

7 resource full ways of learning Arabic online

Arabic is a language most commonly used in the United Arab Emirates, South Sudan, Cyprus, and Syria. This language is widely taught in schools and colleges and also used in workplaces to some extent. This is the official language of twenty-six states. Also, this is the liturgical language of Islam from the times when The Quran and The Hadith were written in Arabic. Arabic is also spoken by a group of people in Pakistan. Arabic is mostly taught in schools and colleges in the Middle East because of the Quran and The Hadith written in Arabic. There are numerous sources of learning Arabic these days.

Recorded Audio Tapes

Especially for people who live outside the Middle East, softwares and recorded audio tapes are a great form of learning Arabic. Also, there are many people who don’t get access to proper Arabic classes because the area they live in does not permit them to do so or for people staying in remote areas where there are no academic classes present for the Arabic language.

Through Radio Programs

Numerous radio stations provide radio series of Arabic language classes for them.  There are also other ways like distance education. The Internet is now not a luxury anymore. It is available to everyone. People staying in remote areas can make use of the internet for learning Arabic with the help of the websites which provide Arabic classes online. 

Pre-Recorded Online Sessions

Gone are those days when people would wait till their children would grow up and then teach them about The Quran and The Hadith. These days’ people are so much concerned beforehand that they want their children to know about The Quran and The Hadith right from their childhood but this is not possible for children living in European countries and other non-Islamic countries. Learning Arabic has now become all the easier with all the online classes that you can get. Be it previously recorded videos or live skype tutorials. 

Live Online Sessions

Various centers are available with their live skype sessions teaching people about Arabic. Experienced and learned professors are appointed to help people out with Arabic. They not only provide live sessions but also help to clear doubts any time of the day. Well, not only adults but children also need to be educated about Arabic.

Arabic Teaching Classes

Children in Non-Islamic countries don’t get that opportunity to learn Arabic from people of their communities. This is why many special Arabic teaching classes have been introduced for children. The teachers appointed here are very friendly and know very well how to handle children and make the subject interesting for them. A child never learns anything unless the subject interests him or her. Our appointed teachers who are Arabic speakers put a lot of effort into making the subject both interesting and easy for them to learn. 

Arabic Language Teaching Books

We are well aware of the fact that not many people can appoint teachers, the book is made in such a way that people can use it without the help of any teacher. Also, books are developed by well-known and recognized Islamic universities so there are absolutely no chances of getting any flaws in the books and can be trusted blindly. The books are also not much expensive which is why people of every stratum can afford to buy them without any difficulties. Our books are available in various versions of Arabic too. The books definitely assure you to learn Arabic like a pro in very little time too. 

Written Arabic Tutorials on Websites

You can easily go for the Arabic tutorials that have already been posted on the websites. All you need to do is search for a proper website and enhance your knowledge of Arabic language through the pre written tutorials for learning Arabic language.

Al-Dirassa is a website that has been helping people for a long time to learn the Arabic language. We not only provide Arabic classes but also, other forms of Arabic like Classical Arabic language, Koranic Arabic language, Egyptian Arabic and Arabic language for business purposes. There are numerous professions in the Middle East that require Arabic as a qualification. We provide special classes for those students trying to get employed in the Middle East. Not just online courses, but there are numerous Islamic books teaching Arabic right from the basic level. Hence students with zero knowledge in Arabic would also have no problem in learning.

Learn Arabic online-fast, free and easy way

Learn Arabic online in easy way

Arabic is basically an Afroasiatic language that evolved in the 7th century in the Arabic Peninsula and presently is spoken in 30 different countries and territories across North Africa and the Middle-East. It is the native language for more than 300 million people and the official language in 25 countries.


Is learning Arabic online a cost-effective way to be proficient?

Since Arabic is widely known to be one of the toughest languages to learn in the world. This is because the grammar rules of this language is complex and spoken language varies a lot from the written language. This surely doesn’t mean that you can’t learn it like other languages. But, if you are planning to opt for the option of going for an Arabic class having many students then it can be tough to understand and can surely cost you a lot.

Learning Arabic Online a Cost-Effective Way


How online Arabic classes are beneficial to open up new career opportunities?

Nowadays Online Arabic courses and degrees have become a great educational investment for everyone’s future. As the scope horizon of career opportunities for Arabic speakers has increased tremendously. This language has not only increased the career opportunities for people but has become successful in helping people know about cultural insights and various travel opportunities associated with it. Since Arabic is a language that is used by many people it has, as a result, open doors for many new opportunities and conversations. When we talk about a career in today’s time, the first thing that makes one successful is a smart decision at the right time. That is why one can now totally plan and grow their career by understanding Arabic. Here are a few points that will help you to know how online Arabic classes can be beneficial in opening up new career opportunities for every Arabic language aspirant: