Arabic is counted among the most complicated languages one can learn. Actually, Arabic is one of the language that requires commitment and time form learners if they truly want to become fluent in it. If you are focused on learning it you really don’t want to waste time on the correcting common mistakes. Understanding these
Every person does require a resource or dictionary to understand the real meaning of a word.  But this is not a problem with Quran. Books and magazines may have mistakes but Quran doesn’t have mistakes. Its words are perfect, undamaged text, reliable and unchanged. Learning through tajweed requires some manners. A person can only touch

How to expand your Arabic vocabulary?

The Quran is published in Arabic. The excellence and spirit of the sacred Quran are hugely enriched by the essence of the Arabic language. That is the cause why numerous people are largely interested in learning the Quran in Arabic.
In the world, the sixth most commonlyapplied language is Arabic. It is the language expressed in all of the Arabnations. As many of these countries are exposed to guests from other parts ofthe world, you require speaking the language if you plan to visit or trade inthese countries. The Majority of people have the impression
A tutor can assist you to enhance your skills in learning a new language. Learning a new language is not an easy task, it takes much time, effort and dedication. Learning Arabic too needs commitment and effort. There are many learning apps which is available to help you learn a new language. It can be
Learning a foreign language is a valuable and an exciting experience. Being multilingual comes among those qualities that make a good impression on every person. From showing it off on your date and to making a good impression during an interview, you will be a confident and a stronger person after you learn to speak
Muslims all around the world wish to learn the Quran and to teach their children as well in the best method possible. They want them to remember the words and teachings in a natural way so that they remember for lifetime. Long gone are the days when people used to go to and send their
Mastering a different language is like acquiring to play a musical instrument. IT does not occur in a single day. It is a continuous method wherein difficulty may sneak in quickly. Arabic is such a popular language that there are lots of online resources for determining it. Arabic is a great language. Some people learn
Al-dirassa center offers online classes for learning Islam via Skype to non-Arabic as well as Arabic speakers. They propose to study from Medina University’s books. These books will aid the students in learning the Arabic language as well as about Islam religion. Faith, creed, and Fiqh are some of the main topics that are taught.