Learn Arabic Language Online
Are you looking for a language course for your kid? Learning a new language not only enhances the knowledge level and offers excellent future opportunities to the people, but it also helps in the development of the brain and improves the intelligence level as well. In the present time, every parent desires to make their
Types of Arabic Courses
Learning a new language is similar to learning to play a new musical instrument. You can never get the fluency overnight and it is a gradual process. In the present time, learning a new language becomes a trend among the people and online websites make it easier for them as well. If you want to
Quran Online courses
There are so many people who want to join Quran courses for so many reasons and they may be wondering what courses are good. Well, this guide is all about offering your information about these useful courses, check out the details below: Hifz – Quran Memorization Online: This course is available online and proves helpful
Qualities to look into Arabic tutors
Learning a new language is always fun. When you are looking to learn a new language, you might be curious to start. Of course, you start wondering where to go to learn a new language like a pro. Finding a reliable platform where you can actually learn a new language is important especially if it
Arabic Alphabets

10 reasons to learn Arabic

Arabic language is spoken specially in the Middle East and Arabic countries.  It has nothing common to English or any other language, so it would be tricky for beginners to learn it. Yes, we can say that it is a difficult language to learn. But learning this language could get you many benefits. The benefits
Learning Arabic alphabets and writing can be very different unlike the Latin alphabet those being used by English speakers. It is read and written from right to left and it has 28 letters with many of special characters and vowel which are used according to word. This is a tricky language and you need to

Learn How To Pray In Arabic

Praying offers several benefits to your mind and soul. The psychological benefits of prayer are huge. You can reduce the stress levels and get a positive outlook on your life by praying. The religion of Islam insists on praying in Arabic. You may think that offering Salah in your mother tongue is easier. But, reciting
Quranic Arabic
We always needed a teacher while we were in school, college or any other program. Do you want to learn Arabic language? You will need to find a good tutor. If you find a tutor with a good experience of teaching then it will be more helpful. By learning from a teacher you can save
There are so many people who want to know about Islamic Words that are used mostly and commonly. Here we have come up with some suggestions. We have mentioned these words with their meanings, just check them out below:  Common Islamic Words to Learn The most common term in Islam for god is called ‘Allah’
Arabic Language
Be it for research, business or pleasure learning Arabic as a foreign language has been gaining huge popularity over the years. Once it had witnessed the maximum number of foreign language class enrolment in the United States. Boasting of over 350 million speakers, today Arabic is the 5th most commonly spoken language worldwide and is
Modern Standard Arabic
Modern Standard Arabic or MSA is one of the six official languages of the United Nations along with Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Being the official language of countries like Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, The United Emirates, and Yemen, Modern Standard Arabic is frequently used in magazines, newspapers, online teaching sessions and television
Arabic Basics
Do you want to learn Arabic online? You have to be aware of some vital aspects before making a decision. The fast-increasing prominence of the Arabic language encourages a lot of people to learn this language. Here are the 8 points to consider while choosing a resource to learn Arabic: 1. Conduct extensive online research

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