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Tuesday, 13 July 2021 / Published in Learn Arabic Culture
learning arabic online
There are several methods to learn the Arabic language, but among the most recent, we find learning on the Internet. It offers many advantages such as autonomy: you can choose the learning time and the location. Also, flexibility is one of the favourite reasons for learners. Each student can choose the tools and has the
Saturday, 03 July 2021 / Published in Learn Arabic Culture
e learning arabic language
Arabic is a language that is spoken in an array of different dialects. Arabic is the official language of 26 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. It is an official language of the Arab League, the African Union, NATO and the United Nations, and it is the liturgy and the intellectual language of
Tuesday, 29 June 2021 / Published in Learn Arabic Culture
learn arabic online
The known history of the Arabs goes back about three thousand years. They occupied the northern part of the peninsula that bears their name: Arabia. Their idiom, the Arabic language, experienced an extraordinary fate as early as the 7th century, with Islam’s advent. Today, Arabic is the official language of 22 countries (250 million inhabitants),
Tuesday, 22 June 2021 / Published in Learn Arabic Culture
uthamn the fourht caliph of islam
Thus, Learning a new language doesn’t mean just simply speaking and understanding the basic terms of that language. Indeed, instead of understanding the culture and broadening the ability to understand that particular outlook. Many language learners focus on learning the words as it is. If you wish to be fully worldly aware, you must know
Tuesday, 15 June 2021 / Published in Learn Arabic Culture
dialect arabic - secret how to speak
Seeing the popularity of the language Arabic, now that you decide to study it, there come many other tough questions related to this decision. Firstly, which type of Arabic should you go for, Modern Standard Arabic or colloquial? In this article, we will guide you to choose between both languages.   What are the Current
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