Regarding this matter, the Permanent Council of Scholarly Research in Saudi Arabia said: It is not appropriate for the one who memorised the Qur’aan to be derelict in reciting and maintaining it; instead he should revise a set amount daily, to help him maintain the Qur’aan and to prevent him from forgetting it;
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One must strive to be sincere when learning and reciting the Qur’aan. Both learning and reciting the Quran are acts of worship for which one is only seeking Allah’s pleasure and reward. The validity of any act of worship is that the following two conditions are fulfilled: sincerity and Mutaaba`ah (following the Prophet in the
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Finding an online Egyptian tutor isn’t tough as many options are available at present. But, making sure that you have chosen the tutor is a point that requires attention. You must understand that making a good choice can save a lot of your time, effort and resources. Thus, while hiring an online Egyptian tutor you
Every person does require a resource or dictionary to understand the real meaning of a word.  But this is not a problem with Quran. Books and magazines may have mistakes but Quran doesn’t have mistakes. Its words are perfect, undamaged text, reliable and unchanged. Learning through tajweed requires some manners. A person can only touch