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Questions & Answers


During the time of payment, you will be directed to fill a subscription form. After the acceptance of your payment, the administration of al-dirassa center will contact you within 24 hours to set with you your schedule.

What are the means of payment for Arabic, Islam and Quran courses?

The payments for Arabic, Islam and Quran courses are performed via Paypal. It allows you to pay with Bank Card or with your Paypal account.

Is Paypal safe?

Paypal is one the most used and safe way to make payment online. Paypal does not sell the collected information regarding your company or personal datas.

To know more about Paypal, please visit the condition of use on this page (www.paypal.com).

Other means of payment

Al-dirassa center proposes also the payment via Western union. If you would like to pay by this way, please contact the administration: contact@al-dirassa.com or use our form of contact.


What is an online lesson?

All our Arabic courses, Islam and Quran are perfomed live. The goal of our courses is to teach you through the latest technologies: Skype or Zoom. They make easier your communication with the teacher.