Ijazah of the Holy Quran

Al-dirassa center offers you the possibility to obtain an Ijazah. Thus, al-dirassa center adresses this offer  to all students who have memorized all the Quran with our professors. It is the highest level that the student can achieve.

    • The word ijazah in Arabic means permission; in the language of scholars it means permission to teach the psalmody of the Holy Quran, it is also the highest degree of reading perfection of the Quran.To get the ijazah the student has to recite the Qur'an from memory from beginning to end observing all the psalmody rules and repeating the words that can be read in several ways (extension time, intonations of the vowels ...) and in every way possible to his Shaykh.

      This one will correct all the details of pronunciation, which himself recited this way to his Sheikh who also recited it to a Sheikh and this until the beloved Prophet (saw). Thus, only a professor who has himself obtained it with an authentic chain of transmission can give it.

      This line is called Sanad. All the links of the chain are known for their perfection in the reciting and quoted at the time of the graduation.Furthermore, this chain (sanad) continues from the Prophet Muhammad– peace be upon Him – to the Ijazah owner.

      As a result, al ijazah is a permission to teach the Holy Quran. This tradition makes it possible to transmit the Qur'an in its authenticity to future generations as it was revealed to the Prophet (saw), and to preserve him from any change and any falsification. Thus, The Ijazah the official permission to teach the Holy Quran  Ijazah.

  • Firstly: to obtain an ijazah of the holy Quran. The student can obtain this certification only by the recitation of the complete Quran to one or several of our qualified professors. In short, it is a certificate of authenticity.
  • Secondly: al-dirassa center adresses this certifcate only to the advanced students. They have to master the rules of Tajweed before beginning the recitation of the Quran.
  • Thirdly: al-dirassa center will send an official certificate signed by the center and the teacher himself. Thus, this certificate will allow the student to be recognized for teaching the Quran in mosques, Islamic centers or Islamic universities.

Indeed, our qualified teachers of Quran have themselves this permission – ijazah. It is the certification that their recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran is correct, according to the rules of Hafs an Asim.  Thus, the ijazah gives them the permission to teach it.

1. Goals of the Ijazah course

  • Preparing for certification in Quran (Ijazah)
  • Revision of theory courses in tajweed
  • Application of the Tajweed rules during the recitation

2. Conditions of admission to the Ijza course

  •   Have memorized the whole Quran or partly
  • Be motivated and determined
  • Attend classes

3. The content of Ijazah online course

  During each session, the student will recite part of the Quran by heart. The teacher will be of an absolute requirement as much on the memorization as on the respect of the rules of Tajweed. Revision of tajwid academic courses for example:

  • Revision of the epistle "Al-muqaddima" (Muhammad ibn al-Jazaari )
  • Revision of the epistle "Aqlla atrab al-khatdid asa al-qaasid" (Abu Muhammad al-Qaasim al-Shaatibi)

Note: Students who have not learned or studied these two epistles will be able to take classes of Ijaza if he has previously studied the rules of Tajweed.

4. certification - Ijaza obtaining

This class prepares the student to obtain a certification (ijaza) in the Qur'an by a regular and rigorous training of the recitation of the Holy Quran.

Note: registration in class Ijaza certification does not open the right to obtain an ijaza in Koran automatically. Ijaza certification can only be obtained after a complete recitation of the Qur'an in the classroom and following the respect of particular scientific and ethical conditions demanded by the teacher.