Internal rules

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Internal rules

After your payment

Directly after the reception of your payment, the administration of al-dirassa center will contact the student within 24 hours after the confirmation of the payment. The administration will contact the student by e-mail address he registered with it during the payment.

Al-dirassa center will accept to wait for a maximum of one month from the reception of the payment the reply of the student. In the case that the student has paid and he does not manifest the wish to study during the month after the payment, al-dirassa center will consider all the hours paid as performed.

Arabic, Islam and Quran courses’ schedule

The schedule of Arabic, Islam and Quran courses will be set between the administration and the student. Once the dates and the timetable is set, it will be not be possible to modify it during all the period of chosen pack. Nevertheless, an exception can be granted with the acceptance of the teacher and the administration.

Absence of the student

For each of its absences, the student must inform the administration. He must also write a message on the Skype account of his teacher to inform him of his absence. To be replaced, the absence must be indicated at least 3 hours and thirty minutes before the beginning of the lesson. The lesson will be not replaced if:

  • If the student has not informed the administration and the teacher three  hours and thirty minutes prior to the beginning of the lesson.

Absence of the teacher

In case of absence of the teacher, the administration will have the obligation to inform the student at least one hour before the beginning of the lesson. Thus, the lesson will be replaced at the end of the student’s schedule.

In case of departure of the teacher, we will proceed directly to his replacement. Do not forget that you are a student in religious sciences, so the change of professor must be seen as an opportunity for you because each professor has useful science.


In case of any delay, the teacher has the obligation to wait for the student for 15 minutes. Beyond this time, the course of Arabic, Islam or Quran will be canceled and considered as performed.

Lessons holding

In the case of the student wishing to hold its pack of courses of Quran, Islam or Arabic, it could be possible to do it after informing the administration. Nevertheless, this hold cannot exceed 1 month. Thus, any hold of courses more than 4 weeks will lead to the loss of all it credit of hours and will be considered as performed.