Children Islamic, Quranic and Arabic e-learning

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Programs for children

Children Islamic, Quranic and Arabic e-learning

Arabic for children

Our qualified teachers are 100% native Arabic speakers and teach online to children. In fact, they provide an Arabic language online course for non-arabic speaking children.

  • Professors teach via Skype using audio and video.
  • Use an onscreen whiteboard to teach the written part.
  • Arabic lessons are interactive for both the teacher and student
  • Teaching books are designed for the young non arabic speaking public who aspire to learn the Arabic language

Quran for children

Al-dirassa center teaches the Quran to children from an early age. They can acquire a good understanding of the Holy Koran. The Quran courses for children can be taught by two ways:

  • Learning how to read Arabic. The child learns how to recognize the letters of the Arabic alphabet and correct his pronunciation.Furthermore, He learns how to write and read words in arabic. At the end of this level, he will be able to read in Arabic language but will not understand its meanings.
  • Memorization of the Quran by repetition.If the child does not know how to read in Arabic, it is still possible for him to memorize the Quran. Thus, the teacher repeats verse after verse while the child listens and repeats. He is corrected in his pronunciation. Consequently, by this repetitive cycle, the child memorizes the Quran in a step by step fashion.

Islamic education for children

We also provide for your children an opportunity to attain an Islamic education (tarbiya al islamiya). We propose lessons which give possibly to learn:

  • Prophetic invocation (du’a), memorization and explanation. For example, when he enters or go out of his home, when entering in the toilets, when he goes to the mosque, when he goes to sleep or gets new clothes etc.
  • The basics of the Islamic law (fiqh). Description of the ablution(wudu), how to pray, learn surah al Fatiha and other actions of the prayer…
  • The basics of the Islamic creed. Explanation of the five pillars of Islam (the two testimonies, the prayer, zakat,fasting during the month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage in Mecca).
  • The biography of the Prophet peace be upon him. InshaAllah.