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Fatma Ibrahim Anwar Ibrahim (Arabic teacher)


  1. Bachelor of Arabic language
  2. Graduate Diploma in Public Education
  3. Pre Master's degree in grammar, morphology and prosody
  4. Training course in human development in planning and leadership
  5. Training course at ICDL
  6. Courses of preparing and qualiying future teacher
  • Arabic teacher for non native speakers
  • Arabic teacher for native speakers
  • Almost experience for one year in teaching Quran and Islamic sciences to non-Arabic speakers

Salwa Abdel-Sattar Mahmoud Issa (Quran teacher)


  • Tajweed certificate from the Institute of Al-Azhar Readings
  • Certificate of readings from the Institute of readings Azhari
  •  Ijazah of Hafs from Asim
Practical experience
  • Working as a teacher (Quran Karim - Tajweed - Alnoranip - Nuralibian) for non-speakers online
  • Pass a course of the Institute of readings in the explanation of Tajweed and the application of the provisions of the Koran students in the preparatory stage of the Institute
  • Work as a kindergarten teacher for the preparatory stage
  • Working as a portfolio of Holy Quran with a special memorization office for more than five years


Country: Egypt - Alexandria

  • Faculty of Sciences – Alexandria University.
  • Ijazah in Quran memorization – Hafs from Aseem recitation
  • Teaching Quran and Arabic for native Arabic speakers and non-native speakers since 2014.
  • Experience in teaching beginners and advanced level and all ages
  • English and French language skills.

Amira Ahmed Mohamed - Umm Nada (Arabic teacher)

Country: Egypt


  • Graduated from the faculty of literate Zagazig university (the department of Arabic language)


  • teaching of Arabic to Egyptians and foreigners
  • teaching Arabic language and explain grammatical rules, exchange, litterature, rhetoric and expressions
  • Experience in dealing with non-Arabic speakers in this field
  • teaching Arabic to foreigners via the internet

Hebatalla Magdy Hassan (Arabic and Islam teacher)


  • Bachelor of Arts Arabic  language  Faculty of Arts Ain Shams University
  • Having authorizations in syntax and in syntax and  inflection
  • Since 2002 teaching Arabic language to non speakers
  • Islamic science

Sameh Mahmoud - Oum Tasnim (Quran teacher)

Country: Egypt – Giza

  • Institute of learning and memorization of the Qoran and various readings
  • Arabic language course for non-native speakers on the Internet.
  • Ijaza in reading Hafs of Asim
  • Ijaza in reading sho'ba and Hafs of Asim.
  • Ijaza reading Ibn Katheer's al-Bazzi and Qonbal.
  •   Since 2002, teaching of Arabic to Egyptians.
  •   Since 2012, teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
  • Since 2012, teaching memorization of the Koran
  • Since 2012, the teaching of Sharia

Chaima Rajab Abdel Majid (Arabic teacher)

Country: Egypt, Cairo

  • Bachelor of Arts and Education
  • Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies
  • Very good estimate
  • University: Ain Shams in Cairo
  • experience in language teaching
  • Arabic and Islamic Education for Egyptians
  • teaching Arabic With non-Arabic speakers
  • five years of experience in language teaching
  • Arabic For Foreigners Online

Doaa Fadl Ali (Quran teacher)

Country : Egypt

  • Arabic and Islamic License.
  • University : Al-Azhar.
  • Specialization  :  Arabic.
  •  degree of reading The Holly Quraan which is narrated by Hafs from Asem from Shatebeya
  • experience in teaching Egyptian students Arabic language, Quran, Islamic materials
  • Since 2016 teaching foreigners Quran and Tajweed

Aida Ahmed alkhamisy(Oum Manar) (Quran teacher)

Country: Egypt


  • Quranic Ijaza in hafs warsh and asem
  • Ijaza in nour elbain and tohfa jazria
  • Hafs, Warsh and Qalon ijazah

Professional experiences:

  • Teaching Quran in Warch, Hafs and Qalon, Noor al Bayan, and Tajweed rules for females and kids since 2014

Zeinab elsayed abd elsalam


  • Egypt -elmansours
  • Bachelor of Islamic studies, Department of Arabic language at al-azhar university.
  • Ijaza in tajweed rules (tohfat el atfal)
  • Ijaza in Aljazaryiah
  • Ijaza in reading Hafz of Asim
  • Certified Alqaida alnurania, noor albayan.
  • Arabic ,Quran and Islamic education for Egyptians since 2009
  • Teaching Arabic, Quran with non-Arabic speakers.
  • Teaching Tajweed rules for females and kids online since 2017
  • Course Arabic language and Quran course for non-native speakers on the internet.

Hagar Mohammed Mustafa


  • Egypt
  • Bachelor of Arts in Arabic language
  • Certificate in Arabic grammar with a very good grade
  • Memorized the Qur'an: Ijazah in Jazariyyah
  • Islamic Sciences: Ijazah in mokhtasar sahih Muslim
  • Teacher of an Arabic language and a Qur'an for Arabic-speaking and non-Arabic-speaking people.