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Our male teachers

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Muhammad Ibrahim Gamil Muhammad (Quran teacher)

Country: Egypt


University of al fayoum:

  • Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies
  • Master in Arabic language, grammar and linguistics.
  • Ijazah in reading The QURA'AN with recitation Hafs from Aasem from the Shatibyah road in the Holy Quran.


  • Teacher of the Arabic language and the Holy Quran.
  • Teacher of Quran for Arabic and non Arabic speakers

Ahmed Hamdy Mohamed (Arabic teacher)

Qualification :

  • Bachelor of Dar Al Uloom College
  • Educational Diploma from Al Azhar university
  • I worked in this area for almost two and a half years

Samy Rabea Hossam Eldeen (Arabic & Quran teacher)

Nationality: Egyptian


  • bachelor of arts and education in Arabic and Islamic studies
  • Degree: B.A excellent with honours


  • working as a teacher of Arabic in the centre of the first
  • working for 2 years as a teacher of holly quran in the masged al-tawheed.
  • working as a lingual auditor for many centres of Islamic searches.
  • working in the field of elocution.

Ammar Ahmed Abd El-azeem (Quran teacher)


  • License of osol el deen , Department of tafseer, Azhar University, Egypt 2012
  • Quran, Arabic tutor and Imam since 2011
  • Imam; The Egyptian Ministry of endowments -Awqaf- from 2014 to now.

Mahmoud Izat (Arabic and Quran teacher)


  • Bachelor of Arts, Alexandria University.
  • General Diploma in Education, Alexandria University.
Study materials:
  • Arabic
  • Holy Quran
  • Work as a teacher of Arabic language and Islamic education in the Egyptian schools for intermediate and secondary level for eight years.
  • Work for many centers for teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers and teaching Arabic language and Quran for more than seven years
  • Teacher has taught the following books:Arabic in your hands. Al - Madinah Al - Munawwarah Books .. The Basic Book .. Books of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University. Al - Ajroumiyyah .. complementary .. Explanation of the dew diameter and the echo of Ibn Hisham .. Application morphological .. sufficient drainage ... as well as some books of doctrine and jurisprudence and interpretation such as: Tafsir Jalalain .. Explain the three assets ... Brief in jurisprudence .. The disease and medicine for the son Values ... etc
  • Teacher has taught to students of different ages and different nationalities.

Muhammad Fawzi


  • Egypt
  • Bachelor of Economics - honors
  • Study at the At Taqwa center for Qira'at learning (Qur'anic readings)
  • Study in the circles within the ar Raham Mosque - Learning Islamic Sciences (2012)
University studies:
  • Al Azhar University in Cairo - Study of the Holy Qur'an and Islamic SciencesProfessional
  • Teacher of the Holy Qur'an and Islamic Sciences in various mosques and schools in Egypt
  • 2 ijazat in reading Hafs after Asim
  • 2 ijazat in the reading of Chu'ba after Asim
  • Ijaza in reading Abu Omar ad Dawri after Al Kasani
  • Ijaza in the reading of Abu al Harith after al Kasani
  • Ijaza in reading Hicham after ibn Oumar
  • Ijaza in reading ibn Dhakoune after ibn Oumar
  • Ijaza in reading al Waraq after Khalaf
  • Ijaza in Idris reading after Khalaf
  • Ijaza in reading 'al Barazi after ibn Kathir
  • Ijaza in reading Quanbal after ibn Kathir
Lectures mastered without Ijazat:
  • Warch reading according to Nafi
  • Reading of Qualoune according to Nafi
  • Reading of ibn Jamaz of Arpès Abu Jaafar
  • Reading of ibn Wirdane after Abu Jaafar