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Islamic Studies For Children | Best online courses

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The best programs to learn Islamic Studies For Children with Online Arabic Tutors


 Islamic education for children

We also provide your kids with an opportunity to attain an Islamic education (tarbiya al Islamiyah). We propose lessons which give possibly to learn:

  • Prophetic invocation (du’a), memorization, and explanation: For example, when he enters or goes out of his home, when entering the toilets, when he goes to the mosque when he goes to sleep or gets new clothes, etc.
  • The basics of law (fiqh): Description of the ablution(wudu), how to pray, learn surah al Fatiha and other prayer actions, etc.
  • The basics of the Islamic creed: Explanation of the five pillars of Islam (the two testimonies, the prayer, zakat, fasting during Ramadan and the pilgrimage in Mecca), etc.
  • The biography of the Prophet peace be upon him.


    • Introduction to the creed
    • The pillars of the faith
    • The names and attributes of Allah
    • The purification of the soul


  • The history of the Islamic legislation
  • purification and the prayer
  • The fast
  • The pilgrimage
  • The Fiqh of family
  • Study of the fundamental of the Islamic legislation
  • Study of the goals of the Islamic legislation


  • The terminology of the hadith
  • Study the 40 hadiths compiled by Imam An Nawawee


  • Seerah – biography of the Prophet peace be upon him.
  • The history of the 4 caliphs
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