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The best programs to learn Quran for children with Online Quran Tutors



Quran Courses for children

Al-dirassa centre teaches the Quran to children from an early age. They can acquire a good understanding of the Holy Quran. Two ways can teach the Quran courses for kids:

  • To learn how to read Arabic. The child learns how to recognize the letters of the Arabic alphabet and correct his pronunciation. Furthermore, He knows how to write and read words in Arabic. At the end of this level, he will read in the Arabic language but will not understand its meanings.
  • To Memorize the Quran by repetition. If the child does not know how to read in Arabic, it is still possible for him to memorize the Quran. Thus, the teacher repeats verse after verse while the child listens and repeats. The teacher corrects his pronunciation. Consequently, by this repetitive cycle, the child memorizes the Quran in a step by step fashion.

Al-dirassa centre recommends for beginners to use the Qaida Noorania book to learn the Quranic Arabic alphabet:

What is the Qaida Noorania method?

Learning the Arabic language has become one of the main concerns of Muslims in recent years. We know its place in our religion, which is why more and more people are looking for efficient methods to master Islam’s language. Read the Quran with the tajweed rules, have access to science books from great scholars, listen to a religion course in Arabic, and become an Arabic speaker to speak fluently. There are 1001 reasons to adopt the Arabic language.

Among the learning programs, one method is enjoying increasing success. It is the noorania method (Qaida Noorania) that stood out from all the others.

Why use this method, and what are its objectives?

The noorania method (Qaida Noorania) is an oral method created in India over two centuries ago by Sheikh Annoor. It was initially developed to introduce non-Arabic speakers to the Arabic language and its peculiarities.

It combines the correct pronunciation of the letters of the Arabic alphabet with the rules of tajweed (reading of the Qur’an) according to Hafs. The words the examples cited in the book are taken directly from the Holy Book.

Thus, throughout the lessons, the learner sees his spelling improve. His reading becomes more fluid, all by enriching his Arabic vocabulary with new words, sentences, and expressions from Allah’s Word.

For who is the Norania method intended?

The Arabic language is a rich language with complex sounds. Some letter’s pronunciation takes time. Allah revealed The Quran in Arabic; therefore, every Muslim, reconverted or not, longs to read it in the language in which it was disclosed. Here too, its reading requires exact rules.

The Noorania book is a method that will allow the student to discover Arabic with all that it encompasses as specificities. This is the ideal method for the beginner; however, it is intended for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers, adults, and children.

What do you learn with the Noorania method?

The Noorania method follows a scientific methodology. It is the best way to learn about the rules of tajweed. It is based on progressive learning, divided into seventeen lessons, for a lasting and effective impression of the concepts.

The emphasis here is the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet letters to make the tajweed rules (reading the Quran) easier. The learner becomes familiar with each letter’s specifics through rhythmic lessons, following a determined, precise order, which will result in perfect mastery of Arabic reading. Taught by a teacher, the one observes and listens to it and can thus see if its pronunciation is correct.

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