Programs of courses

al-dirassa center: Arabic, Quran & Islam online

Programs of courses

Our  courses to learn Arabic, Quran and Islam online

By choosing al-dirassa center, you will have the access to study Arabic, Islamic sciences and the Holy Quran online live from Egypt. We provide a huge collection of educational contents, which are playful, original with high performance.

Al-dirassa center offers the possibility to learn Arabic easily: a varied and fitted program of Arabic courses to your needs for learning Arabic and makes you an Arabic speaker. We offer the choice between a full program of learning in three levels (beginner, intermediary and advanced) or a personalized program which allows you to study books and subjects just as you wish.

Al-dirassa center offers you the possibility to learn Islam: this program of teaching the Islamic sciences is accessible for everybody who speaks a minimum of Arabic language and wishes to learn the Islamic religion under the supervision of a teacher graduated from Al-azhar Islamic university.

Al-dirassa center offers you the possibility to learn the Holy Quran. We propose thus a personalized program of learning the Tajweed rules and the memorization of the book of Allah.

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