Quran memorization: strenghten and complete your hifz

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Hifz - Quran memorization

Program to strenghten your Quran memorization

Quran memorization courses will help you to recite and beautify your voice while reading the Holy Quran. Indeed, our teachers facilate your recitation during our live sessions.

Thus, our online center will provide you a program of Quran memorization suitable to your schedule. Consequently, according to your goal, we will arrange a personal plan to memorize all or part of the Quran.

Holy Quran memorization take place in the following manner

  • Firstly: the professor reads a new surah (chapter) or a part of the Quran to be memorized
  • Secondly: the student listens attentively to the recitation of his professor.
  • Thirdly: The student recites the verses while the professor listens to his reading and corrects him if necessary.
  • Fourthly: The student memorizes this new part for the next lesson.
  • Fifthly: during the next lesson, the student reads the memorized part of the Koran. The professor listens, corrects if necessary. Then, he validates it so that the student can move on to memorize a new part of the Holy Quran.

Consequently, the course of Quran memorization is divided in two parts:

  • Memorization of a new part of the holy Quran
  • Revision of the previously memorized part

Correction of your recitation

In addition, Al-dirassa center can provide you courses to correct your recitation of the Quran. Indeed, Al-dirassa center provides these courses for:

  • the students who have studied the rules of Tajweed
  • who wish to revise the parts of the Quran that they had previously memorized
As a result, to move forward in your learning of the correct reading of the Quran, it is advisable to apply the rules of Tajweed during your lesson of recitation and correction with the teacher.

Thus, the lessons involving the Quranic recitation can require :

  • a correction of the pronunciation of the letters (point of articulations and characteristics)
  • other corrections according to the recitation

If you have already memorized the Holy Quran, fully or a part, this program can enhance your recitation by rectifying your reading according to the rules of recitation by Hafs an Asim.