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Your loved ones and couples can also learn online.

You are already a student at the al-dirassa center, and you want a loved one to start learning Arabic online, memorize the Koran, or study Islam live from Egypt with us. By sponsoring your loved ones, you will allow them and yourself to benefit from a  5% discount on all Arabic, Quran, and Islam courses.

If this sponsorship concerns your spouse (example of a student wishing to sponsor her husband), you will benefit from a 5% reduction on all of your packs!

The al-dirassa center specializes in Arabic courses, Quran, and Islam courses online and lives from Egypt. We base our teaching on the best learning methods to date.

You can already consult our course programs for adults and children. Likewise, you can find out more about our center. To receive your promotional sponsorship code, please fill out the form below:

5% reduction for converts

You are converted to Islam, and you want to learn Arabic, Islam, or the Koran online and live from Egypt. The al-dirassa center supports you in your approach by offering you 10% on your pack thanks to our special converted offer.

We are happy that you are converted to Islam. To support your conversion and your journey towards understanding the book of Allah the Highest, we support you in your desire to learn Arabic, study Islamic sciences, rules for reading and memorizing the Suras of the Holy Quran.

This is why we offer you a discount on all your course packs and this without limit. Do not hesitate to consult our online course programs.

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