Learn professional Arabic language online

Program to learn professional Arabic language online with al-dirassa center

 An asset for your professional career

Al-dirassa Center also can provide courses to learn professional Arabic language online. Thus, you would be able to strengthen your level of expression and, consequently, to extend your vocabulary related to your professional activity or your skills area.

Thus, the knowledge of the professional Arabic language is, without doubt, an advantage that will allow you to stand out during a job meeting, a business meeting, or for the prospecting of a new market in the Arabic world inshAllah.

  • Firstly: presentation of yourself and your business occupation.
  • Secondly: introduction of yourself, salutations during a job meeting, exhibitions, etc
  • Thirdly: according to your field of work, we will provide you suitable professional Arabic language courses using various techniques such as audio, video, written documents, mockup, ads, flyers, etc. Likewise, the student will be allowed to provide his material and study it with his teacher.
  • Communicate in a professional framework, with business partners in the Arabic world.
  • Develop and enrich vocabulary related to their business field.
  • To get the basics of the Arabic language for the business.
  • Write emails, letters in the Arabic language.
  • Be able to communicate by phone in the Arabic language.
  • Develop his networking and learn more about the culture of business in the Arabic world
  • To learn how to introduce himself and his colleagues appropriately.
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