Holy Quran is a complete source of guidance for humanity. Indeed, Muslims consider it as the literal Words of Allah Almighty. Therefore, every Muslim must understand the importance of reading, writing, and reciting the Quran with Tajweed rules correctly and clearly. So, it will help to prevent any chances of confusion and misinterpretati


Just the sound of the Holy Quran recitation accurately can soften even the hardest of the hearts. It is a soul awakening experience for Muslims, and the connection to Allah is stronger than ever.


Unfortunately, many people believe that it’s only the expert reciter’s responsibility to master recitation rules. Rather, it is an obligation on every Muslim. In this article, we will discuss the importance of Tajweed in the recitation of the Quran. But before that, let’s take a look at the sincerity required when learning and reciting the Quran.




Sincerity when learning and reciting the Quran.



One must strive to be sincere when learning and reciting the Qur’an. Both learning and reciting the Quran are acts of worship for which one is only seeking Allah’s pleasure and reward. The validity of any worship act is that the following two conditions are fulfilled: sincerity and Mutaaba`ah (following the Prophet in the way one performs the act of worship).


The intention is not merely the tongue’s statement, nor is it thought on the mind. Rather it is the motivating force in the heart to perform a deed solely for the sake of the Almighty.



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The reward for being sincere



An-Nawawee explained that the one who recites the Quran is first and foremost commanded to be sincere, seek Allāh’s pleasure, and do not intend any worldly gain from the recitation.


The Prophet PBUH warned against reciting the Book of Allāh to seek praise and veneration from the people. Abu Hurairah related that the Messenger of Allāh r said, “The first man to be judged on the Day of Resurrection…is a man who learned knowledge and taught it, as well as recited the Qur’an. He will be brought forward and acquainted with his blessings, and he will recognize them.


He will say, “What did you do for them?” The man will say, “I learned knowledge and taught it as well as recited the Qur’an for Your sake.” He will say, “You lie, rather you learned knowledge so it would be said, ‘A scholar!’ and you recited the Qur’an so it would be said, ‘He is a reciter!’ and it has already been saying.” Then the order will be given, and he will be dragged upon his face until he is thrown into the Fire…” (Related by Muslim)



Sincerity to Allāh’s Book comprises of believing in what the Qur’an tells us and harboring no reservations about what it says. We must know that the Quran is Allāh’s word that was revealed to Muhammad PBUH. Submitting to the commandments found in the Qur’an and living by its teachings is also an integral part of being sincere to Allāh’s Book.


We must believe that the laws enumerated in the Quran are the best of laws that can never be rivaled by human-made laws.


Sincerity comes to the defense of the Quran.



Another aspect of this sincerity is to come to the defense of the Qur’an from those who would aspire to corrupt, abuse, and misinterpret it with their tongues. Allāh has taken the preservation of the Qur’an upon Himself.


However, this does not mean that people will not misrepresent it and corrupt how people approach it and understand it.


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What does Tajweed mean?



Tajweed is an Arabic word. it comes from the roots ‘Jawwada’, which means to improve or make well.


Tajweed means “Expertise” or “proficiency.” Implying this definition on the recitation of the Quran, it means to recite Quran with high proficiency. Thus, to pronounce every Quranic word correctly.



The link between Tajweed and Recitation of the Quran



The concept of tajweed means to recite the Quran by giving each letter its rights and observe its features. It is key to focus on the rules that apply to different situations.


When it came down to the revelation of the Holy Quran, its Tajweed was also present simultaneously. As Angel Jibril (A.S) revealed the Holy Quran to Holy Prophet (PBUH), He did it in a specific way and demonstrated Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) the way it was acceptable to read the Holy Book. 


It is vital to understand that a believer must not recite the Holy Quran in a dialect that can, in any way, change its meaning. Indeed, each word is the word of Allah and, therefore, must be taken respectfully. During the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there was no need for Tajweed rules studies.


But soon after his demise, Muslim scholars considered it relevant to have the right guidelines for reciting the Quran. 



Importance of this science in reciting the Quran



Ummah Salamah described the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) recitation as


Clearly distinguished, letter by letter.”


In the Arabic language, each letter has a Makhraj– an exit or enunciation point from which it begins. Also, each letter has a Sifaat– properties or features. Thus, knowing these ‘Makhraj’ and ‘Sifaat’ of every Arabic letter is a significant piece of Tajweed.


In some cases, two Arabic letters can fundamentally be the same, which blends them up a common mistake. Thus, if an individual doesn’t have an extensive idea about each letter’s characteristics, he/she may modify the meaning of the words in Quranic recitation. Noticing the principles of Tajweed in recitation helps a believer from committing errors in narrating Quran.    



Tips to learn Tajweed



  1. Some teachers hold expertise in listening to your recitation and correcting you.
  2. Seek knowledge of books discussing the rules of recitation.
  3. Listen to Quran tapes and hear the expert’s dialect and narration style. You can repeat after them and rectify your mistakes.
  4. Keep practicing regularly and pay close attention to details. 


Well, after discussing all the above points, it is not wrong to assume that your faith is incomplete without the Tajweed sciences for reciting the Quran. The Tajweed of reciting the Quran is essential as Islam is a complete religion and has no margin of improvements or provision of changes in the Quran. 



Example of Quran recitation with tajweed of Surah al Fatiha



Important Ways to Create Peace of Mind with the Quran


The mind plays a significant role in shaping our character and, eventually, the entire life. Many times the mind becomes anxious, and people start to fail in life. What we fill our consciousness builds that feeling of chaos in our souls. The worst of those things that most people fill their minds with is the endless bad news we get in this worship of 24-hour communication.


 You see, if the news was positive, at least half of the time, then you could reasonably claim that it’s not such a bad thing. Don’t ruin your mind with a constant intake of the news; trust you won’t miss a job, and if it’s that important or not, the big news will find its way to you through your friends, family, and colleagues.



Peace of mind and tranquillity are the number one desire for every human being, especially when we are racing with the world to obtain all of the material goals that we set ourselves or society places in our way. The critical question is how you gain peace of mind and that inner tranquillity that every human seeks. Learning Quran will bring you to order to your unstable account. Once you start to connect with the Quran and begin to relate to it on a practical level, you can always feel connected to Allah every day.



QuranLearning the Quran online is also one of the priorities of the al-Dirassa center. Furthermore, online teachers teach the reciting rules (Tajweed) and the Holy Quran’s memorization (Hifz).

Most noteworthy, all graduated teachers with Ijazah in reciting and teaching Quran guarantee the teaching quality.


The online tutorial is initiated with video interaction with students.


Thus, they will help you to put into practice what you have memorized. Al-dirassa center becomes your self-confidence while your knowledge and performance.


Learning it online makes it an easy process. No doubt, the Holy Quran book educates people and offers the right path to them, but online Quran learning courses are also in high demand. Advancement in technology has made it more accessible.


You can make use of Quran reading at your place with the help of these online courses. You will learn how to follow the necessary steps and memorize/retain your heart and mind. This is all about a complete learning process by soul and spirit, and you can surely find peace of mind and get rid of stress, so go for these online courses.


Accordingly, Quran classes will allow you to increase your knowledge of the Holy Quran. Indeed, by studying the recitation laws (Tajweed), both theory and in practice, your recitation and memorization of the Quran (Hifz) will improve Insha Allah.



Al-dirassa center offers you to achieve your memorization by getting official permission (Ijazah) from the shaykh, reinforcing your learning process. Finally, it can also help you to learn and understand the Koranic dictionary.


There are many online classes and details, such as the Tajweed Quran Online. It ensures the progress and expansion of the whole of humankind in this world and the life of heaven. Every Muslim has to interpret the Quran correctly while observing the rules of recitation (Tajweed).


The tutorial levels have several levels from the beginner’s level to intermediate level and to finally advanced level. 


Thus The Goal of https://en.al-dirassa.com/ is to help you connect to the Quran to allow you with the courage and leadership we all need to live an energized life and become the most nutritious that you can be. Thus learning Quran will help you a lot.

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