Masjid an Nabawi – The mosque of Madinah



The construction of Masjid an Nabawi


Masjid an Nabawi – The mosque of Madinah

When the Holy Prophet (PBUH) migrated to Madinah, everyone hoped that the Prophet would stay with them. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that Allah commanded his camel, and wherever it would stop, He would stay there. The land where the camel stopped belonged to two orphan brothers, Suhail and Sahl. It had date trees, a resting area for herds of cattle, and graves of polytheists.The Prophet arranged the Masjid an Nabawi – The Mosque of the Prophet structure to include a land tract of about 50 by 49 meters. He (PBUH) constructed it facing Jerusalem, which was the Qibla for Muslims at that time.

He burrowed the base and used palm leaves as segments for the rooftop and trunks of palm trees. The Prophet also designed his mosque with three entrances. At the back of the mosque was the “Atikah” or the “Entranceway of Mercy. In contrast, the other was “Jibril’s Entrance,” which the Prophet’s preferred passageway (PBUH) himself.    Towards the eastern side of the masjid, two small huts, He (PBUH) ordered the construction of homes for two of his wives, Aisha and Sauda.




Behind the masjid, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) made a darkened area named ‘as-Suffah“. In that area, the poor companions used to spend the night. Furthermore, there was a positive impact of As -Suffah as it represents kindness and care, which were Islam’s basic teachings. It was a place for passengers to rest.


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Qibla’s direction


When the direction of Qibla changed towards Makkah, He (PBUH) ordered to re-orientate the entire mosque to the south. Thus, the reconstruction of the mosque was twice during the life of the Holy Prophet. First being at the time of migration and the second 7 years later.


Extension of the Masjid an Nabawi


Later each year it was observed that the number of pilgrims coming to Madinah was increasing and to be able to accommodate everyone, Hazrat Usman paid for the expansion of the mosque, and it was increased to 50×50 meters. The height of it was raised to 11.5 foot.   


Importance of Masjid an Nabawi 


The Mosque of the Prophet holds immense importance amongst the Muslims and is the second-biggest masjid in the world after Masjid al-Haram


Prophet (PBUH) once said;


“Whoever performs forty salah in my masjid, not missing one salah in the masjid, for him is granted exemption from the fire of Hell, and exemption from punishment and he shall remain free of hypocrisy.”


The Mosque was not only a place of worship for Muslims but also an institution of enlightenment where the companions of the Holy Prophet learn the recitation of the Quran and could gain the complete knowledge of Quranic teachings. Each companion would help others, and from there, they would go out spreading the message of Allah. Thus, the Masjid an Nabawi acted as a base for laying the strong foundation of Islam. 


Muslims consider the mosque of Madinah as the Prophet’s (PBUH) residence. Indeed, when He (PBUH) passed away, His companions graved him in the house of his wife Aisha, next to the Mosque of Madinah.



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