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Kids are the future of our community. Are you looking for a language course for your children? Learning a new language enhances knowledge level. It offers excellent future opportunities to the people, but it also helps develop the brain and improve intelligence.


In the present time, every parent desires to make their child smart for a better future. Early childhood, like the first 8 years, involves a higher rate of brain development. In this stage, you can build a strong foundation for future learning, health, and life success.


Children can learn a new language quickly and easily as compared to any adult. So, it is the right time to enhance your kid’s creativity level and introduce him to a new language. When it comes to picking a new language, every parent likes to go for high demand.


The Arabic language is also one of the most popular languages worldwide, which is high in demand and allows people to discover amazing career opportunities. So, you can pick Arabic language courses for your kids to make their future secure.



Why teach your kids the Arabic language?


There are around 6500 spoken languages in the world today, then why should you teach Arabic to your child? The Arabic language is one of the oldest languages globally, and it helps learn the origin of Islam. You will find the original Quran in Arabic as well as other holy books too.


Teaching Arabic to your child will help him understand the Islamic sources well and benefit from Islamic education. It will keep your kid close to his religion and improve brain development and knowledge level too. Moreover, the Arabic language is high in demand, which will help your kid find better opportunities in the future.



1. High demand



The Arabic language a language that is in high demand today. It will make your children stand out among others. It is hard to find people who can speak Arabic in the west, especially. Knowing the Arabic language gives your children the edge in the government career, but it is also helpful in business, professions like engineering, medical, and many others. A business relation could be made with wealthy countries of the Middle East by using your skills, and the Arabic language is one of them. College students who have learned Arabic could easily be preferred and stand out in many job applications.



2. Learning of the culture and trends of various regions



Learning a language also includes learning the culture and trends of the region where this language is spoken. Thus, learning Arabic will also help your children learn about Arabic cultures, like how interesting and rich it is. It will also help to read the ancient literature and history of the Arabic region.


Arabs have a vibrant culture. After learning Arabic, your kids will appreciate their art and history once they learn their language. It will open new doors for your children as their culture is unknown to many western people.



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In addition to the free Arabic courses, we offer you to begin your journey to fluency in Arabic right now for free with a graduated Egyptian teacher.

3. Get Immense Benefits from Arab Hospitality



Once an Arab listens to a foreigner speaking a few Arabic words, they feel very flattered as they are very proud of their language. They will help your children in many ways possible if they are new in the country.



4. Learn Islam Religion



Learning Arabic will also make your kids learn about the second largest religion of the word “Islam.” It is also the first religion that is found in Arab countries. Learning Arabic also allows your children to learn the tradition of Islam and the faith of the religion.



As shahada in arabic script5. Language of the Quran


Quran is written in Arabic. Once your children learn Arabic, they will automatically understand the Quran and its teachings. It gives Muslims a huge benefit as it becomes easier for them to learn about their religion and unveil Allah’s messages and his beloved Prophet.



6. Simple and Easy Grammar



Learning a new language is often difficult, but it has got easy grammar to start with when it comes to Arabic. Its alphabets are easy to pick up on. Mostly all Arabic words are made up of root consonants. If your children want to learn the Arabic Alphabet, you can visit our Arabic free courses program.



7. Many Dialects to Adopt


When your children learn a new language, they have to adapt their dialect to make it more understandable. In Arabic, you get many options in adopting dialect. Arabic dialects often scare people away as each dialect has a different flavor with its own charm. You should pick the country that interests you and learn its variety. You can also offer them to learn Modern Standard Arabic.



8. Common Native Language



Knowing Arabic and English removes all the negative sentiments among many Arabians and Americans. When your children know Arabic, they can easily communicate with the natives residing in their country. It automatically removes all the negative vibes.



9. Easy to learn similar languages



Knowledge of Arabic speaking also helps in understanding the other language spoken in the Arab region. Languages like Parsi, Urdu, and Turkish as many of these languages’ words come from Arabic or are similar to Arabic words.


10. Learning New Languages from Arabic


Arabic words are involved in many other languages spoken in the region like; Farsi, Turkish, Hebrew. Many words in these languages are derived from Arabic, making it easier for your children to understand these languages.


Arabic language course for kids



Knowledge of Arabic speaking could help to learn the Arabic world of mathematic, astrology, navigation, history and architecture, and Arabic literature in their first language. Learning the Arabic language could also get you a chance to be an ambassador for your country.


If you are planning to learn the Arabic Language, visit


The kid’s Arabic language course allows children to read, write, and speak the Arabic language. Learning the Arabic language will definitely enhance your kids’ learning skills and improve their memory. You can easily start with the basic lessons and pick the group sessions to enhance your child’s confidence level.


The basic Arabic language learning course will deliver knowledge of Arabic and clear the basics as well. If you build the foundation for the Arabic language, then this course is best for you. It will help your child in identifying the Arabic letters and develop skills to understand them as well.


  Quran for kids  


If you want to introduce your child to religion, then an online Quran course for children is the best. The online Quran for kids educates them about their religions and quickly learn the Quran. It includes the basics like how to live a life according to Islam and other knowledge as well.


Early childhood is the best time to build a strong foundation of religion in the kids. The Quran will not only take your kid close to their religion, but it will also teach them some life lessons as well. It will make effective changes in their personality and guide them correctly.



Islamic studies for kids



Islam is the second-largest religion in the world with great achievements. A lot of people are unaware of Islam studies and can’t get the benefit of it. Islam is originated in the Arab. This is why the original Quran and other books are written in the Arabic language.


If you want to give the blessing of the Quran to your kid and the Islamic studies courses for the children are the best. It will teach kids about Islam and provide complete knowledge to them, satisfying their curiosity, and developing amazing skills.



QuranWays to Keep Your Kids Motivated While Learning Arabic and Quran


The language Allah chose is the Arabic language. He sent his precious book (the Quran) written in Arabic, the last prophet’s language. For this reason, it is the duty of everyone to learn Arabic.” Reading the Quran is the pillar of Islamic culture. Hence, every Muslim needs to know how to speak and read Arabic for them to be able to understand and interpret the word of Allah through prayer and reading the Quran.


Challenges in reading the Quran


One of the greatest challenges is reading the Quran as it has 6000 difficult to pronounce verses.  The holy book is so complex that many people find it challenging to recite and comprehend. This is why people start teaching their kids how to read and understand the Quran and praying from a very tender age. Parents hire instructors and send their kids to tuitions for learning the holy language, but now that this pandemic has struck us, there’s no way to go out and learn.



Study Arabic, Islam, and Quran with al-dirassa center



Well, we use the internet for everything, so why not let our kids learn something from it and keep them motivated during this difficult time? The Al-dirassa center is an institution that specializes in teaching the literal Arabic language. They can also help you memorize and recite the holy book, the Quran. All this while you’re sitting at home!


We have separate batches for Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies and have a course for your kids. We have experts on our team who deploy advanced learning methods so that you can have the best learning experience online!


If you doubt online learning’s effectiveness, let me shine some light on it. The best thing about it is its flexible nature. You and your child can attend a 1:1 class with one of our instructors any time of the day, meaning it can fit right into your schedule. The second reason why learning online is better than face-to-face lectures is that it’s cheaper.


High costs can be a prohibitive factor for several students as because of it, they don’t enroll in subjects they’re interested in. Apart from convenience and cost, many people have turned towards e-learning for learning new skills. These courses offer personal attention to every student, improving their understanding and learning skills.



Qualified teachers for kids education



At Al-dirassa, we have qualified teachers who are native Arabic speakers. Moreover, we provide an Arabic Language Online Course for non-Arabic speaking children. The professors teach using audio and video, making it easier for their students. For teaching the written part, they make use of on-screen whiteboards. You will also get a book, specially designed for young non-Arabic speaking kids. We employ the best interactive sessions for a perfect online experience.


We also have an online course for teaching the Quran to your little ones. At Al-dirassa, we help with recognizing the alphabet of the Arabic language. We also teach kids the correct way of pronouncing Arabic words. Even if one doesn’t want to learn how to read and write the language, the instructors will help them memorize the Quran. This will prove especially useful in the future.



Islamic education courses for kids 



Islamic Education for children can be very challenging for parents. At Al-dirassa, it is made sure that the child will be able to receive every important aspect of Islamic education required from the comfort of their home.


Prophetic Invocation is offered to be taught to the students to have a great improvement in their mindsets. The basics of Islamic Law are also taught to children learning from Al-dirassa. They are taught how to pray, learn different actions of the prayers, taught how to wash (wudu) properly, and much more.


The basics of the Islamic Creed is also touched on in this course, explaining the Five Pillars of Islam. The Prophet’s biography is again an important subject that is taught by our professors in a way that young children can digest. Peace be upon him, InshaAllah.


The Al-dirassa Center offers online Arabic, Quran and Islam courses for non-Arabic speakers. If you would like to join our class, please get in touch with us.

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