Jesus or Issa - who was the Prophet in Islamic tradition?

Miraculous Birth of Prophet Issa – Jesus


In Islamic history, the birth of Prophet Issa (A.S), also known as ‘Jesus Christ’ was miraculous. He played a vital role in showing the oneness of Allah (SWT). Thus, like Christians, Muslims also respect Prophet Issa (A.s). However, a significant difference in each perspective is that Muslims consider him to be a Prophet of Allah (SWT) rather than the son of God

Prophet Issa is the son of Maryam (A.S). She was a virgin, shifting to the eastern side of the city at the time of delivery. She secluded herself from the public, went under a palm tree from which she received her nourishment and gave birth to Hazrat Issa (AS). One of the first miracles of his life was his ability to speak as an infant when he testified for his mother’s purity and declared himself as a Prophet of Allah (SWT). Hazrat Issa (AS) emphasized his Prophethood and the significance of charity, prayer, and obedience of mothers (Al Quran, 19: 30-33).

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Personality of Prophet Issa


He was one of the righteous Prophets of Allah (SWT). Likewise, he received the book ‘Bible’ or ‘Injil’ and wisdom by Allah himself. The revelation of this holy book to Prophet Isa (AS) aimed to liberate the misguided. He used to perform all sorts of miracles, and the Holy Quran discusses many of them, including:


  • his ability to breathe life into clay birds;
  • giving sight to the blind;
  • bringing dead to life;
  • healing lepers. 


He had a kind nature and was always good to his mother and whole mankind. He had the utmost respect for her, and when people questioned his existence, he spoke to defend her honor. 


Role of Prophet Issa on the Day of Judgement


Muslims believe that the Prophet Issa (A.S) did not die on the cross, but Allah (SWT) raised him to the second heaven where the holy Prophet (PBUH) also met him during Me’raj. Muslims have faith that Hazrat Issa (A.S) will return one day to defeat Dajjal (False Messiah) and protect the believers. 


In a hadith, the prophet (PBUH) said, “Allah will send Maseeh ibn Maryam (Messiah son of Mary). Thus, he will descend near the white eastern minaret of Damascus, clad in two yellow sheets, leaning on the shoulders of two angels.” [Sahih Muslim] 


He will be of average height with his long, neat, and shiny hair coming onto his shoulders. He will have a red and white complexion, and upon bending his head, it will seem as if pearls are falling. 


It is said that he will descend on a jamaat of 800 men and 400 women at the time of Fajr when Imam Mehdi will be leading the Fajr prayer. thus,people will be preparing for a war against Dajjal, and from the darkness, a voice will be heard, “one who listens to your pleas has come”.


The righteous will see Prophet Issa (AS) descending on the eastern side near the Minaret in Damascus. While descending his hands will be on the shoulders of two angels, and upon insistence, He will introduce himself. He will ask the people about their thoughts to fight Dajjal.


Imam Mehdi would lead the prayer, and Hazrat Issa (AS) will follow. After Ruku, he will announce that Allah has killed Dajjal and Muslims have appeared. As Hazrat Issa (AS) kills Dajjal, a new era of peace and harmony would be established.   

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